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Why do I have to get health insurance?

[su_box title=”To sum it up…” style=”default”] The Affordable Care Act requires every eligible resident to get and keep health insurance The individual mandate of the Affordable Care Act requires a tax penalty for those who fail or refuse to get insurance Residents need to get health insurance to take advantage of the Affordable Care Act […]

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Do I need health insurance when traveling to Europe?

[su_box title=”To sum it up…” style=”default”] With the passage of the Affordable Care Act (ACA), most Americans are required to have a health insurance plan that meets certain minimum standards A health insurance plan that covers medical expenses incurred while traveling to Europe is not required You can purchase supplemental or additional insurance that will […]

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When is the open season for health insurance?

[su_box title=”To sum it up…” style=”default”] The open season for health insurance is an annual period in which everyone can purchase qualified health insurance For marketplace plans available on state exchanges or healthcare.gov, the open enrollment is the time when everyone can purchase coverage. For employer-sponsored plans, the open season may be different from the […]

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What do you do with health insurance when both spouses work?

[su_box title=”To sum it up…” style=”default”] No matter how many health policies you may have, your benefit will never exceed 100 percent of the cost All health insurance policies are not created equal, thus benefits may be impacted By having each spouse covered by a separate policy, virtually continuous coverage is assured [/su_box] Getting married […]

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When do you get health insurance for a newborn?

[su_box title=”To sum it up…” style=”default”] Newborns are automatically covered under their parent(s)’s insurance plan for the first 30 days Children new to your family by birth or adoption are both eligible for retroactive coverage The cost of pre-natal care and delivery for mothers and newborns can easily be of thousands of dollars even without […]

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What do I look for when buying health insurance?

[su_box title=”To sum it up…” style=”default”] Know when you can enroll in a plan or change your plan Look for a plan that your doctor takes Understand all of the costs and what you spend on healthcare [/su_box] Buying health insurance can be challenging. There are so many options available, and everyone’s needs are different. […]

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