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What is the history of health insurance companies?

Health insurance companies have been around for a long time. In fact, the earliest ones arose during the Civil War era in the mid 1800’s and covered rail and steamboat travel accidents only. Actual health insurance to cover sickness began around 1890. Hospitals started their own health insurance plans in the 1920s and a teacher’s […]

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What are some HMO health insurance companies?

According to the Hospitals and Health Networks, the biggest HMO health insurance companies include Kaiser Foundation Health Plans, PacifiCare, Health Net, Oxford Health Plans and Keystone Blue Health Plan. Other names you may recognize include Aetna U.S. Healthcare, United Healthcare, Blue Cross Blue Shield and Humana Health Plan. The most popular areas for these HMOs […]

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Is there really such a thing as high risk health insurance companies?

Individuals with less than perfect health will be relieved to know that there are indeed high risk health insurance companies. In fact, there are a variety of health insurance companies that offer different forms of high risk health insurance. Even people who are in poor health or suffer from a chronic illness can get at […]

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How do health insurance companies that write high risk cases make money?

Health insurance companies that write high risk cases make money in much the same way as other health insurance companies, by diluting the risk involved. They make sure that they insure many more low risk individuals than high risk ones. Health insurance companies set lower annual and lifetime limits on coverage to limit the amount […]

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Do pet health insurance companies exist?

There are a few companies that provide pet health insurance. The first pet insurance company came into being in 1982, recognizing the need for pet owners to have some protection against rising pet health care costs. In those first few years, there were quite a few pet health insurance companies, but the crowd has thinned […]

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How Health Insurance Companies Work

In the national debate over the rising cost of health care, the question of how health insurance companies work is very rarely addressed from a factual basis. Rather, proponents on all sides of the argument talk about things like the consumer’s right to healthcare, the uncaring nature of insurance companies, and whether or not the […]

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What are some independent health insurance companies?

A few of the more well known independent health insurance companies include names like the Humana Health Insurance Company, Assurant Health, and Axa. Typically these insurance companies are discovered by consumers when they consult a local insurance agent for help in finding health insurance. It’s not often that you find independent companies advertising their health […]

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Are there any inexpensive health insurance companies?

There are inexpensive health insurance companies if your standard of measurement is a comparison of one insurance company to another. However, with the spiraling cost of health care in the 21st century, defining whether or not health insurance is inexpensive is a matter of interpretation. It’s based largely on what your health insurance needs are […]

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Where can I find detailed information on health insurance companies?

Detailed information on individual health insurance companies can be obtained by contacting those companies directly. However, sometimes consumers feel as though they won’t be able to get honest answers to their questions using this method. In such cases there are a variety of other sources that can be used to collect bits and pieces of […]

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What do international health insurance companies offer?

International health insurance companies offer health plans similar to what you find in the United States except for the fact that they are designed for individuals planning to be in a foreign country for an extended period of time. International health insurance is also similar to travel health insurance coverage in some ways, but it […]

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