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Do any large health insurance companies offer good personalized service?

Do any large health insurance companies offer good personalized serviceAs with other customer service needs, it is possible to find good personalized service with some of the largest health insurance companies. In general, you may find that personalized service is more prevalent with smaller companies because they often work harder to keep you as a customer and seem to care about your needs.

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There are other ways to get good personalized service when dealing with health insurance companies, no matter what the size of the company is. This includes working with your agent or insurance broker, as it is their goal to keep you happy and they will work as the middleman between you and your insurance company.

What constitutes good personalized service?

Every insurance company offers some level of customer service. This includes online and phone access, as well as the ability to send correspondence to the company via the mail. Some of these services are pretty basic and impersonal.

There are a number of ways where personalized service stands out over other basic types of customer service:

  • Live Representatives: One way to deliver personalized service is to have live representatives available when you call, or at least easy access to them. This is one area in which personalized customer service tends to stand out more with smaller companies. The bigger companies often have automated phone systems which make it seem impossible to reach a live person, but it is possible to find companies that offer more opportunities to actually speak with someone.
  • Asking Questions: Another way that insurance companies can provide personalized service is by asking their customers what they want. This could include asking about things the customers like as well as things they dislike. The company may also want to know what services or products you are interested in.
  • Personalized Health Services: Some health insurance companies offer their members personalized health services, which may help you with certain goals such as losing weight or starting an exercise plan. Some of these services may be automated but they tend to be more personalized than what other companies offer.
  • Customer Service: Although it may not necessarily be personalized, having easy online access is an important part of customer service. It is vital that it be easy for customers to do what they need, whether it is find out about certain aspects of their plan or ask a question, This may include the ability to ask a question online and having an internet chat with a customer service representative.

Does an insurance agent or broker give better service?

One way to experience good personalized service with your health insurance provider is to work with an agent or broker. Some insurance companies allow you to sign up for a plan online or through the phone, which results in you not having a specific person that you work with.

When you use a health insurance broker or agent, you will have one individual who is best looking out for your needs. You usually will have the agent’s own personal, direct line so that you will never have to go through an automated phone system.

Your questions tend to be answered more quickly when you are dealing with an insurance agent. If you have issues with getting paid for a covered service, your agent will usually be able to help you out more quickly than if you had to go through the company directly.

Do you have questions about your health insurance and can’t seem to get help from your own company? You can get a lot of your general health insurance questions answered through the Insurance Information Institute’s website.

How can you find a good health insurance company?

There are a number of ways to find a company for your health insurance. One is to ask the people in your lives, such as colleagues, friends, and family, who they use and if they are happy with their results and customer service.

Another way is to do an online search. There are a number of websites, such as this one, that allow you to search for companies in your area.

Once you have narrowed your search down to a few, there are a couple of ways to find out if it is a good company. You can always go to the Better Business Bureau and check to see if there are negative comments against the company.

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