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What are good health insurance questions to ask?

attractive retired woman with questions about health insuranceIf you need to buy health insurance, you may be wondering where to start. With so many health insurance plans and policies available to you, the process of finding the right one at the right price can be very difficult and take a lot of time to accomplish.

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You may wish to identify some key areas of concern you may have and make a detailed list of questions you will ask of any prospective companies before you begin. This preparation and the questions you ask can make the decision much easier and faster for you.

How can I make sure I’ll get the coverage I need?

You should make a list of all prescriptions and of any medical devices, such as hearing aids or mobility devices that you may use and ask if these are covered. Be sure to find out if they offer benefits for generic drugs if you use them. Find out how much of the costs of these items are paid in benefits.

You should ask if you would have your choice of doctors and hospitals you might be treated in. Ask what the procedure to follow is when you need to see a specialist. Find out the details of any health care provider network you would have to participate in, and what the costs of going outside that network would be if you needed or wanted to do so.

Ask about catastrophic or major medical benefits beyond the routine health care you need. See if those routine visits and preventative care are covered.

If you have dependents you wish to cover, be sure to have a list of any needs they may have so you can ask about those. If you plan to cover anyone with special needs, be sure you ask about coverage for those things as well. If you or any dependents you wish to cover have a pre-existing condition, see if those are covered.

  • Find out how claims are filed?
  • Do they have a local claims adjuster you can reach easily over the phone?
  • Can you file claims over the Internet?
  • What are the hours of customer service phone support?

Ask about:

  • ¬†Any exclusion to see if that may apply to you or your family
  • How disputes are resolved
  • Maximum benefit payouts to you per claim, and if any lifetime maximum benefit payout applies

What should I ask about the costs associated with a health insurance policy?

First, ask about premiums. In addition, ask about any share of the cost of services that you will have to pay. If it is a coinsurance policy, ask what percentage in which you will be responsible. Ask if paying a higher premium can lower the percentage you would have to pay. If it is a co-pay policy with set fees, get a schedule of those.

Ask about any deductibles; find out what they are and when they apply. Individual deductible amounts will be different from the total family deductible, so be sure to check on that as well. Find out what percentage you will pay after deductibles are met, and how these amounts differ for network services as opposed to those provided to you outside the network.

See if you can roll over any health care savings plan money you may have into a new policy.

Find out what co-payments, if any, will apply to the policy and what they will be. Ask for a schedule of what they are as they may vary depending upon what service you are receiving.

Check on any uncovered medical expenses you may have to pay for completely out-of-pocket.

If monthly payments are available, ask if there is any additional costs associated with paying that way. There may be a discount for automatic withdrawal of premiums from your bank account, be sure to check on that.

How do I find out about the insurance company’s performance?

You can review the performance of health insurance companies at reputable websites such as A.M. Best’s site.

Another organization that rates the quality of health insurance plans is the National Committee for Quality Assurance.

Additionally, ask your friends and family members whom they get insurance from and what they think of the company they use. Your business associates may also be able to provide you with helpful information.

To find health insurance quotes online quickly and easily, simply type your zip code into the free box on this page to compare rates now!