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Are there many different types of health insurance companies?  

Health insurance policies can range in price and variety. While some companies have general health insurance plans, others have plans that are more specific. There are several to choose from, but finding the one that meets all your needs can be challenging and time consuming. To find FREE health insurance rates that meet your individual requirements […]

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What are the top health insurance companies to work for?

Those working in the health insurance industry have a varied working experience depending on the provider for whom they work. While finding health insurance is challenging, finding a great health insurance company to work for can prove even more challenging. To research health insurance quotes you can search on this website by simply providing your […]

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Are the top rated health insurance companies affordable?

When you’re looking for the best out there one usually expects to pay more for great service. This isn’t always the case. Most health insurance companies have a wide range of plans to fit any budget and lifestyle. Being approved for a policy may be tougher than actually finding an affordable plan. To research FREE health […]

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Does anyone keep track of consumer complaints about health insurance companies?

There are many websites that keep track of health insurance company consumer complaints. The Washington State Office of the Insurance Commisioner is just one example of a government sponsored consumer complaint site. Sites like this also keep track of other types of insurance like disability, life, long-term care, and even car insurance consumer complaints. The free online […]

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Where can I find consumer reviews of health insurance companies?

You can find consumer reviews of health insurance companies online. There are professional websites that specialize in customer rating of top health insurance companies for businesses including health insurance providers. One of the better-respected consumer ratings websites is JD Powers and Associates. You can find and compare FREE health insurance today by using the free online tool […]

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What are normal executive salaries in health insurance companies?

The salaries of the executives at the well-known insurance companies are staggering and far exceed salaries of CEOs in other industries. In 2008, the annual salary for the CEO of one major insurance company was over $24 million. Unless you are one of these high paid insurance executives, you are probably looking for affordable health […]

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How can I avoid scam health insurance companies?

There are an increasing number of insurance companies offering fraudulent or scam health insurance coverage to unwary victims. You can avoid becoming a victim of these companies by being cautious and taking your time when shopping for coverage. Then, take the time to read your policy. Finally, check with your state resources to assure that […]

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What are secondary health insurance companies?

Sometimes your primary health insurance plan just isn’t enough coverage for you. In that case, you may want to find secondary health insurance. Secondary insurance is a policy designed to cover expenses that your primary insurance doesn’t cover. Many companies offer this secondary health care coverage. Is your primary insurance just not cutting it? If […]

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