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What are the top health insurance companies to work for?

best rated health insurance employersThose working in the health insurance industry have a varied working experience depending on the provider for whom they work. While finding health insurance is challenging, finding a great health insurance company to work for can prove even more challenging.

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Becker’s ASC Review, finds the best places to work in healthcare by evaluating the workplace environment, research results, and nominations. Those organizations that make their list go through substantial reviews from peers as well as those who are editors of Becker’s ASC Review.

What should I look for in a health insurance job?

  • Benefits: One of the things you should look for in a great health insurance job is great health insurance benefits. While you would think that those who are employed by a health insurance company will get the best rates when it comes to health benefits this is not always the case.
  • Pay: Of course, pay is a concern. You can look on websites such as Salary.com to find what you should be making in your geographical location based on your job title and years of experience.
  • Incentives: Another thing to look for is end-of-year bonuses or quarterly incentives that will put more money in your pocket if you work hard. If you have options to make more than your base salary based on your efforts, this can be an important deciding factor when looking for the right job.

While this isn’t the case for everyone, some people like to know what a company’s five-year plan is for each individual employee. Find out what incentives a potential health insurance employer offers to those employees who do outstanding work. Can you move up in the company or is the position you are applying for the highest up the corporate ladder you can go?

Should I look for online reviews when applying for a health insurance job?

top rated health insurance companies to work forOnce you’ve gotten all the information from the company or employer it’s also a good idea to search online for any reviews. There are several websites where current or past employees can write reviews on a company and give feedback to the company to help improve workplace environment.

While researching reviews, it’s also a good idea to see how the company ranks amongst other health insurance companies. A.M. Best is a great resource for ratings on health insurance companies.

Knowing how your potential employer ranks amongst others and the stability of the company can be an essential determining factor. Those companies, who are stable and doing well, tend to be more generous and appreciative to their employees who help to get them there.

Are health insurance jobs hard to come by?

As with any industry, the economy is making it hard for companies to hire and keep employees. When researching job opportunities it’s a good idea to check the rating websites such as A.M. Best to see the stability of the company and its financial outlook.

It’s also important to research how many job openings are available for the health insurance company you are applying for. Those who are hiring in large quantities are doing so to cover a boost in business. Check into current administrative, management and executive salaries with the health insurance companies before an interview.

You can also research a company’s hiring rates over the past several years. Many websites have information on a company’s growth both in the marketplace and in terms of hiring. Knowing how much and how fast a company is growing can be an important contributing factor when applying to health insurance jobs.

While you might start with a long list before applying for health insurance jobs, after doing your research, the list could potentially get smaller. It’s a good idea to put your best foot forward and have an outstanding resume and cover letter.

It might also be beneficial to see what the company’s health insurance quotes are. Any additional information you can take with you during the interview process will make you an outstanding candidate.

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