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Does anyone keep track of consumer complaints about health insurance companies?

health insurance companies complaintsThere are many websites that keep track of health insurance company consumer complaints. The Washington State Office of the Insurance Commisioner is just one example of a government sponsored consumer complaint site. Sites like this also keep track of other types of insurance like disability, life, long-term care, and even car insurance consumer complaints.

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Consumer complaints are just one source to consider when searching for the best health insurance provider. JD Power and Associates gives overall customer satisfaction ratings for companies and A.M. Best will give you an idea about the financial stability of different health insurance providers.

Why are the opinions of other consumer important when choosing a health insurance provider?

You can spend all day on the official websites of health insurance providers, but all you will learn about the company is exactly what they want you to. Their sites are written to make them always seem like the best choice. Even if the site does have comments from real policyholders, they will only be positive reviews. To learn about the worst health insurance company, and there are always some negative providers out there, you will have to go to another site.

Knowing more about how a company treats their policyholders if very important information for someone looking for new coverage. This is especially true for people that have pre-existing health conditions. Some health insurance providers might work better with policyholders with a history of cancer than others. Someone in this situation could go to a cancer-related website that has a message board and ask other people in their situation about their experience with their health insurance provider.

What other things should I consider when looking for health insurance coverage?

The most important thing to consider when choosing a new health insurance provider is exactly what type of health insurance plan you actually need. Some companies might specialize in a certain type of insurance, like supplemental insurance, while others have plans that are more general.

  • The first factor that will determine what type of insurance you will need is if you receive coverage from your employer. If you do and just want more coverage, or a special type of coverage that your employer does not provide, then supplemental health insurance coverage is the best choice for you. If you do not receive any health insurance through your employer then you must decide what type of plan fits your needs the best.
  • Another factor when deciding on the type of plan you want you have to look at whether you need the coverage just for yourself or if you will be responsible for providing coverage for your family as well.
  • In addition, you must take into account how much you can afford to pay for health insurance each month.

What is supplemental health insurance?

Supplemental health insurance plans are plans that either fill in gaps in already existing coverage or offer a very specific type ofconsumer complaints about health insurance companies coverage. Popular types of supplemental insurance are dental insurance and cancer insurance.

Many employers offer health insurance, but as a way to cut down on costs do not offer dental health insurance coverage or vision insurance to their employees. If you do not currently have dental insurance, you really should look into getting a policy because taking care of your teeth is very important to your overall health. The medical community has linked poor dental hygiene to much more serious conditions like heart disease.

Also by having dental insurance, you will be able to get preventative care. By taking care of a problem before it has the chance to get out of control, you can save yourself a lot of time and money.

Cancer insurance is also a very popular type of supplemental health insurance. Many people worry about getting cancer and the financial impact that will have on their life if they are ever diagnosed with the disease. When most people think about cancer, they think about the affects the disease would have on their physical body and the impact it would have on their family and friends, most do not consider the financial consequences.

Cancer treatments are expensive and can easily use up someone’s regular health insurance coverage limits. There are also costs that a regular health insurance provider would never cover. If the policyholder has a type of cancer that requires them to see a specialist out of town the cost of travel and childcare falls on the policyholder. A cancer supplemental policy would help cover these types of costs.

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