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What is a health insurance broker?

Although many people tend to use the terms “health insurance broker” and “health insurance agent” interchangeably, a true health insurance broker is supposed to represent the side of the policyholder or employer, while the health insurance agent is supposed to represent the interests of the insurance provider. Because of the process whereby the majority of […]

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Who should consider PPO health insurance plans?

PPO health insurance plans are good for people who do not want to be restricted by an HMO but require an affordable plan. The policyholder must be okay with certain restrictions in the PPO plan. Compare PPO health insurance quotesby entering your zip code now! PPO health insurance plans are preferred provider organizations. These plans […]

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Are there any recovering alcoholic health insurance options?

There are recovering alcoholic health insurance options. One businessman who started his own insurance agency is also a recovering alcoholic. He recognized the need for such a service as many recovering alcoholics were being denied coverage. Compare health insurance ratesby entering your zip code into the toolbox now! Many insurance agencies will cover recovering alcoholics […]

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Is there such thing as private health insurance for ministers?

There really is not such a thing as private health insurance for ministers. Private health insurance is available to most individuals regardless of your profession. Group policies are also available to ministers of certain denominations. Compare private health insurance ratesby entering your zip code into the toolbox now! Often group and private insurance policies do […]

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Is health insurance for children a good idea?

Yes, health insurance for children is not just a good idea, but vital to that child and their family. Having health insurance provides a child with a foundation to a much healthier life long term. There are many insurance choices available to children including those in low-income families. Enter your zip code now to compare […]

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Where can I get the best international student health insurance?   

Many companies offer international student health insurance. While it is difficult to classify one as better than another, it is important when comparing different plans to look at the Overall cost Coverage options Pre-authorization requirements Prescription benefits To find international student health insurance, you can ask your current health insurance carrier, someone in the health […]

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What kinds of alternative medicine health insurance benefits are available?  

The types of available alternative medicine health insurance benefits that are available depend largely on the insurance company that is providing the coverage. Alternative medicine is a growing field in the health care industry. It typically consists of treatments such as: Acupuncture Massage therapy Chiropractic services Naturopathic medicine Are you looking for competitive health insurance […]

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Who is the best health insurance carrier?   

This is a very subjective question and the answer will most likely vary based on your personal preferences and needs. However, there are some important factors to consider when deciding for yourself who is the best insurance carrier. Are you looking for competitive health insurance rates? Start here by entering your zip code in the […]

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