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Is there such thing as private health insurance for ministers?

ministers seek private health insuranceThere really is not such a thing as private health insurance for ministers. Private health insurance is available to most individuals regardless of your profession. Group policies are also available to ministers of certain denominations.

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Often group and private insurance policies do not transfer from state to state with the minister. Be sure and look into this before purchasing a plan, as many ministers do not stay in one place for very long.

However, there are Christian organizations, which provide pooled funds to help cover the medical expenses of ministers. A detailed explanation of these services can be found in the article below.

Can ministers purchase group health insurance policies?

Ministers can purchase group health insurance policies often through their denomination. However, if this is not an option, than a minister is going to have to look into private health insurance, medical sharing programs, and Medicaid or health savings accounts.

What kind of health insurance should a minister purchase?

There are certain kinds of health insurance that are vital to a minister. First, a minister should have comprehensive health coverage. This covers all:

  • Doctor’s visits
  • Emergency care
  • Surgery
  • Laboratory testing

Disability insurance is another type of insurance that a minister should look into purchasing. This is very important for a minister because most churches will not support the minister financially if he or she becomes temporarily or permanently disabled.

Supplemental health insurance policies can also be beneficial to ministers to help cover health insurance policies that may not provide for:

  • Dental
  • Vision
  • Mental health
  • Cancer
  • Certain diseases

Next, a minister should be sure to have liability insurance. Although it is not health insurance, this is still a necessity for a minister. This insurance covers the minister against any potential lawsuits. Someone attending the church could:

  • Hurt themselves on the property
  • Accuse the minister of improper behavior
  • Not like the advice that the minister offers

Another type of insurance, which is not health insurance, is life insurance. However, when shopping for health insurance, a minister can also purchase life insurance. Life insurance is important so that the minister’s family is taken care of when the minister passes away.

Is there private health insurance marketed for ministers?

There is a company called GuideStone Resources that markets their products to ministers and church employees. The agency offers:

  • PPOs
  • High deductible health plans
  • Health savings accounts

In addition to medical plans, GuideStone Resources also offers:

  • Dental
  • Accident
  • Term life
  • Long-term
  • Disability plans

You can learn more about their policies at GuideStone Resources online at http://www.guidestoneinsurance.org/InsurancePlans/MinistersOrStaff.aspx.

What about health savings accounts for ministers?

An option to help with the expense of private health insurance is to set up a health savings account. These accounts allow the minister to set pre-tax money aside to be used for medical expenses.

Health savings accounts can be set up through an insurance agent or broker and through many banks. A good health savings account will not expire at the end of the year. Funds will be able to be rolled over to the next year.

What about medical sharing programs for ministers?

Medi-Share is a non-profit organization that offers health expenses to be shared with other Christians. There are seven different plans depending on your needs and budget. The funds are pooled together and are distributed to the individual in need when there is a medical occurrence.

You can review the different options on Medi-Share’s website at http://mychristiancare.org/Medi-Share/.

Samaritan Ministries is another alternative to private health insurance. Members contribute a certain amount on a monthly basis, which is actually sent to the members that need funds for medical expenses. Samaritan Ministries handles all the coordinating for members to send funds to other members. Additional information on how Samaritan Ministries works can be found on their website.

Another medical sharing program for Christians including ministers is the Christian Healthcare Ministries. The program contains three different levels of contributions. The amount of contributions depends on the level you choose. The funds are placed in an escrow account that is then distributed when a medical need arises.

Are there any state programs for ministers?

Although there are no state programs designated especially for ministers, many ministers may qualify for state funded Medicaid. Each state runs their own Medicaid program, but you can find links on the national website.

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