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What is the best way to shop for health insurance?

couple discussing best way to shop for health insuranceThere are several ways to shop for health insurance, from the traditional methods we all know to the latest thing, Internet shopping. Every method has its positive points and things that may not fit your needs.

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Let’s look at these ways to shop which will help you determine what is the best method for you. Once you’ve decided how you will shop, the experience will be easier and more productive for you.

What are the traditional ways to shop for health insurance and what are the pros and cons?

One way to shop for health insurance is to call or write a company and meet with one of their agents and have them lay out what they have to offer.  This is time consuming and you will face pressure to buy.  If you met with one firm’s representative per week, it would still take you months before you would have seen a good cross section of what is available.

You can have several companies send you brochures in the regular mail, but any questions you may have will require follow-up mail or phone calls.  The information would be available to you any time you wanted to pick it up and rad, and doing this in the comfort of your home would allow you to reflect and make a good decision at your leisure.

Working people may have human resources personnel at their job that can explain the options of an employer offered plan.  At a minimum, they will have a lot of reading material for you to help you decide what particular plan and options fit your needs best.

Is Internet shopping for me?

Internet shopping for health care can be a good option for many people and it has several advantages over the more traditional methods. You can visit many companies and review their plans, options, and prices in a few days time and since almost all reputable health insurance companies have a web presence, you have access to a comprehensive list of such firms. Any questions or concerns you may have can be submitted via either email, or a reply form on their webpage. The advantage in speed cannot be overstated.

What are some general shopping tips?

Always make sure you are dealing with a reputable firm that employees licensed agents. They should always mention their state license numbers in their brochures or on their website. Be wary if this information is not available and inquiries asking for it are not answered to your satisfaction. A good solid company will never give you the run around when you ask these kinds of questions.

Check them out at an insurance rating website, such as A.M. Best Company, to make sure the company is strong and reliable. A.M. Best reports on the financial health of the company, among other things, to guide you when picking a company that will be around when you need them.

You can also check with the Better Business Bureau to see what kind of complaints and general remarks are on file concerning the company.

The National Committee for Quality Assurance also rates and reports on the quality of health insurance plans.

Your network of friends and family may also be able to offer you valuable advice on the health insurance companies and the agents they have dealt with.

Additionally, you can find Medicare-approved health plans ratings at their website.

Make sure they have the customer service features you need, such as good phone support and a local agent you can meet with when you need to. Many insurance companies have 24-hour phone support. A nearby claims office is also important should you need to work with claims adjusters in person, be sure to check the closest location to you.

Review the company’s privacy policy before you submit any personal information; make sure you understand how they may use it and whom they may share the information with. Remember, it may not be necessary to provide personal details if you are only looking for a quote.

Make sure you can view and fully utilize any features the company offers on its website by making sure your web browser and any necessary add-ons or plug-ins are up-to-date. Some sites will inform you of the minimum browser requirements they have.

To find health insurance quotes online quickly and easily, simply type your zip code into the free box on this page to compare rates now!