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Philadelphia American Health Insurance Company

Overall Rating2.782.782.782.782.78
Customer Service2.672.672.672.672.67

This review is for the Philadelphia American Health Insurance Company. A subsidiary of the New Era Life Insurance Companies, the Philadelphia American Health Insurance Company (also known as the Philadelphia American Life Insurance Company) offers life and health insurance products for individuals.

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There are two different health insurance products offered through the Philadelphia American Health Insurance Company, and this review will cover both of them. It will not cover the annuities program and life insurance coverage offered by the company.

Founded in 1924, the Philadelphia American Life Insurance Company prides itself on good, honest customer service, and providing their customers with care and compassion.

Philadelphia American Health Insurance Company Locations

The main corporate office of the Philadelphia American Health Insurance Company is located at:

11720 Katy Freeway, Suite 1700
Houston, Texas

In addition, there is a satellite office located in Omaha, Nebraska.

The primary telephone contact numbers for the Philadelphia American Health Insurance Company are 1-800-552-7879 and 1-800-554-0092. Customer service for the company can also be reached by email at

Philadelphia American Health Insurance Company Products

The Philadelphia American Health Insurance Company offers four different products for individuals, with two of them focusing on health insurance.

The products are:

  • Medicare supplement product
  • Life insurance for final expenses
  • Annuities
  • Traditional health insurance

For the purpose of this review, we will focus on the Medicare Supplement and the regular health insurance.

The Medicare Supplement Insurance is designed to help individuals meet their own specific health care coverage needs.

The coverage includes both Medicare Part A and Medical Part B coverage, and certain individuals who opt for the additional covers can have their Part A and Part B deductibles covered as well.

In addition, the Medicare Supplement Insurance through the Philadelphia American Health Insurance Company offers coverage for time in a skilled nursing setting as well as required health care services when outside the United States.

The other health insurance coverage provided through the Philadelphia American Health Insurance Company gives individuals and their families’ coverage during a job transition, in-between jobs, or at any other time coverage is needed.

There are three different products available, and each of them provides coverage for certain conditions.

The Health Saver Plus One product gives families the option of securing health insurance at an affordable rate. This plan allows customers to design the coverage based on their individual needs as well as their families’ needs.

The second product is the Critical Illness One coverage, which helps individuals cover the expenses that might come from a serious illness or accident.

The coverage through the Critical Illness Insurance gives covered individuals a lump sum cash benefit of up to $50,000 depending on the illness. Some of the illnesses that are covered include:

  • Needed organ transplant
  • Bypass surgery
  • Cancer
  • Stroke
  • Heart attack
  • Renal failure

There is also the Philadelphia American Health Insurance Company 24-Hour Accident Expense Plan. This coverage offers benefits to customers who must cover expenses associated with an unexpected and catastrophic accident.

These benefits not only help cover medical expenses, but everyday living expenses as well. In addition, covered individuals and their families are compensated for an accidental death, transportation by ambulance or helicopter, as well as complete or partial dismemberment.

Philadelphia American Health Insurance Company Reviews

The Philadelphia American Health Insurance has earned a rating of B+ from the A.M. Best Company for financial strength.

However, the Philadelphia American Health Insurance Company is not accredited by the Better Business Bureau, and has been given a rating of F by the BBB.

The reason for the F rating is because there was one complaint filed against the Philadelphia American Health Insurance Company, but it was never addressed.

Philadelphia American Health Insurance Company Careers

There is no information available on the Philadelphia American Health Insurance Company about careers or employment opportunities. This could be because there are currently no opportunities available at any of the three companies, or because they do not advertise their positions online.

Individuals that are interested in applying for a job with the Philadelphia American Health Insurance Company are encouraged to contact the main office to inquire about any open positions.

In addition, applicants can send a letter of interest and resume to the corporate office in Houston, Texas.

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Free Health Insurance Comparison

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9 reviews

    • 55555
    • 55555
    • 55555
    • 55555

    I’ve had this insurance for about 2 years now and I think it is great. They pay claims immediately, and I don’t have to pay a large deductible first. It is the first time in my life I’ve had a company actually pay for some stuff.

    I will never use a major medical company again!

  • Odete Phares /
    • 55555
    • 55555
    • 55555
    • 55555

    The insurance has been great for me, much better than anything I have found on the “new” insurance plans.

    These plans are designed for real people. I didn’t expect to need to use it but I did and they paid off quickly and staff are great to deal with.

    • 44444
    • 22222
    • 44444
    • 44444



  • Adam Hyp /
    • 11111
    • 11111
    • 11111
    • 11111

    Philadelphia American Insurance was a horrible experience and waste of money.

    Not only did they not correspond timely, or at all in most cases. They seemed to always find a way not to cover the visit, procedure, or script.

    Go anywhere else. I did and am happier for it

    • 11111
    • 22222
    • 11111
    • 11111

    Our experience with this insurance company was horrible.

    After my husband was in a bad vehicle accident (not at fault) We ended up with around $9,000 in hospital bills. This insurance company paid about $400. total. The paperwork was endless and we were sent the same paperwork multiple times.

    Needless to say, I cancelled it. Make sure you understand every bit of fine print! They don’t cover many things and their drug coverage is a joke.

    • 22222
    • 22222
    • 22222
    • 22222

    Remember that if you buy a plan like this that you still need to pay the tax penalty for not having a qualified health insurance plan. For 2016, it is 2.5% of your annual income.

    Also, companies that sell non-qualified plans are happy to pay smaller claims for years just to keep you paying your premium. It is when you have the big claims that you find out what you really have. It may not be what you thought you had, but it is too late if you have a big claim or serious illness.

    Please READ your policy when it arrives. Most states have a 30 period where you cancel and get a full refund if the policy doesn’t say what you thought it would

  • Kathleen M. Machado /
    • 11111
    • 11111
    • 11111
    • 11111

    On November 16, 2015, I received a partial reimbursement of $974.04 for unearned premiums which you took from my checking account. The insurance policy 6071523436 was cancelled February 01, 2015, yet you continued deducting the premium from my checking account. After the cancellation, you paid expenses of $323.05.

    I feel it is your responsibility to recover the $323.05 from whoever you paid since you were in error in continuing to collect unauthorized premiums from me.

    I believe medicare would agree with me as would a small claims court if that is where the matter must be resolved. Thank you, Kathie Machado
    30285 N. East End Ave., Libertyville, Illinois 60048
    847 641 0296

  • Mark Machado /
    • 55555
    • 55555
    • 55555
    • 55555

    Well, where to begin….

    I am very familiar with insurance terms as I am in the financial industry.

    Ignorance is bliss, many people are uneducated or badly informed about the health insurance business. There are different types of policies, different plans for each type, exclusions, clauses, approval and denial and preexisting conditions.

    First I am going to address a couple of the non-sense bad reviews here:

    If you are in an auto accident (at fault or not) it is a liability issue not a health insurance issue, most companies do not even have a clause to cover from auto accidents, so your claim is to be handled by the auto insurance company.

    There are many of opportunities for you to review how this policy works, first, you said “did not respond timely” well, and they by law have a window of time to respond to claims, “if” they have all the requested documents to support a claim! Second, you say they found ways not to pay, well there are exclusions as in any policy but a major one is no preexisting conditions to be covered for the first 12 months, this one is easily missed or blown off!! This is not Obamacare so not everything is covered! Hence why you pay a 3rd of the premium.

    Doesn’t sound like you had a big claim, so you are just speculating! I have this policy and they paid a great benefit for a hospitalization and surgery I had!! Also, you are incorrect about the penalty, you can add a rider for minimum essential benefits and avoid the penalty.

    Hummm, sounds like a messy situation, in all companies mistakes and errors happen, if this was an error on their part I am positive they will fix it.

    I have this plan, it has saved me about 10,000 per year from Obama crap care! My family and I came in healthy to the plan, I hurt my shoulder and needed surgery, my son busted his ACL in football and my wife needed some testing. I purchased their most expensive plan (still a third of the cost of ACA)

    They pay first instead of deductible first, your non-hospital needs only have a $50!!!!! Deductible and you don’t pay it until after your 3rd visit. The hospitalization deductible can be as high as 5k or low as $100, but they take it off the end payout so you don’t have to pay upfront. PPO network!

    So my shoulder total surgery was $35,570.00 (in network) my total benefit was $42251.70 minus my $5000 deductible, total payable benefit of $37251.70, providers got paid their $35,570 so guess who got the balance??? ME! I received a check for $1681.70….you ask why??? Because it’s sold as an indemnity policy so they have to indemnify the entire payable benefit.

    Bottom line I pay a third in premium, needed a surgery, I paid 0 deductible they paid all my providers and I got a check for the remainder benefit, I don’t think Obamacare does that! in fact with an ACA plan I would have been $6750 out for my deductible, then a 30% co-insurance plus unlimited amounts for out of network providers (HMO) and higher monthly so yeah…Philadelphia saved me thousands!!!!!!!

    Same thing for my son, but his was outpatient surgery so they waived the deductible (it’s in black and white in the brochure)
    I pay separate for a minimum essential rider and pay no penalty from Obamacare.

    Bottom line is you must know what you are buying, you must understand what they don’t cover, you must do the math to make sense, and you must not blame the insurance company for your ignorance.

    • 11111
    • 11111
    • 11111
    • 11111

    Dear Mr. Machado,

    Thanks so much for your response to the other inquiries regarding Philadelphia Health Insurance. Since I can no longer afford the rates under the Healthcare Marketplace, my agent recommended this company. I noticed that you also indicated in your response that you pay separate for a minimum essential rider and pay no penalty for Obamacare. Is this essential rider also through Philadelphia?

    Could you please contact me to help me know what I need to do so that I am not charged a penalty for dropping Obamacare.


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