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Zurich Health Insurance Company

Zurich Health Insurance Company is not like other health insurance companies. Instead of focusing on standard health insurance, Zurich Health Insurance Company offers health insurance alternatives to companies who self-insure their employees.

While saving money by self-insuring is great, if one of your employees has to have catastrophic care, a transplant, or long-term medical care, your company could end up paying out a great deal of money, which can hurt it financially. That is where Zurich’s health insurance alternatives come in.

Read this Zurich Health Insurance review, browse through the customer reviews of Zurich Insurance below this article, and then enter your home or business zip code into the tool on the side of the page to compare free quotes from the best health care insurance providers side by side.

Zurich Insurance History

Zurich is an insurance-based financial services provider located in Zurich, Switzerland. Founded in 1872, Zurich has 60,000 employees in 50 countries and their services are available in over 170 countries. In 1912, Zurich expanded its market to include the United States and was the first foreign insurer to do so. They are a leader in the insurance industry as providers of commercial property & casualty insurance and work with companies on a global level as well as with small to large businesses in the US and Europe.

Zurich Insurance Options

Zurich offers many different insurance alternatives for businesses that choose to self-insure. Medical Stop Loss insurance, Accidental Death and Dismemberment insurance, Transplant Services insurance, Disability insurance, Excess Occupational Accident insurance and Travel Assist insurance are all options that any size company has available to them.

Zurich Medical Stop Loss Insurance

Medical Stop Loss insurance is an insurance option that helps protect employers when they have an employee that has excessive medical expenses. For example, if an employee has to spend an extended period of time in the hospital, has a baby that requires neonatal attention and more, this can cover those needs. Zurich has created a network of doctors who provide services to its stop loss customers. These doctors are specialists in various fields and will help reduce the cost of specific types of care. Once the medical fees reach a predetermined amount, (which is decided when a company purchases Medical Stop Loss insurance), then Zurich reimburses the company in question the difference.

Zurich Accidental Death & Dismemberment

An Accidental Death and Dismemberment plan can be set up to be paid by employees as an optional insurance or as an employer sponsored plan. This insurance provides medical services as well as pays for loss of work fees for an employee that loses a limb or dies either on or off the job. Payments for medical care, funerals, etc. are reimbursed to employees, however Zurich is known for their very fast reimbursement procedures.

Zurich Transplant Coverage

Transplant services help to negate the costs that are incurred when a transplant occurs. Zurich offers first dollar payment for transplants. What this means is that instead of reimbursing your employees, they will pay the bills directly to the facility that provides the services. However, when transplant services are received they must be done at an approved facility. Zurich uses 60 transplant facilities in 26 states; and if an employee needs a transplant and there is no facility in their state, they are allowed to find the closest facility to have the work done. A dedicated nurse case manager is also assigned to individuals who need transplants to help the process go easier and to answer any questions that a family may have.

Zurich Disability Insurance Coverage

New York and New Jersey require that all businesses carry short-term disability insurance for their employees. As such, Zurich has dedicated professionals in those areas to help businesses understand what their obligations are and to discuss the benefits of purchasing disability insurance through a private company rather than through the sate (such as faster reimbursement times). Disability insurance is available in every state. Programs are also provided to help employees get back to work faster (and safely), and to process and pay claims quickly. Disability insurance pays a portion of an employee’s wages when they are too injured or sick to work for an extended period of time. In states where disability insurance is not required, you can choose an employee paid option or an employer sponsored option.

Zurich Excess Occupational Accident Insurance

If you have a business that uses independent contractors that drive vehicles to carry your product, then you may want to consider purchasing Excess Occupational Accident insurance. This insurance can be paid for by your contractors (or by your company), but at a lesser rate than if they were to purchase insurance on their own. This insurance covers medical, dental and disability benefits.

“Zurich Assist” Employee Travel Insurance

Travel Assist insurance covers your employees anywhere in the world when they are traveling on business. It will cover their medical care if they are sick as well as care if they have an accident. It will also cover medical transportation either to a local hospital or to a facility that can handle whatever the problem might be.

Zurich Coverage Area

Zurich offers their insurance options in all 50 states as well as financial advice and financial services. They also offers life insurance options for individuals as well as businesses.

Additional Zurich Insurance Options

Zurich also offers dozens of other services to businesses and individuals such as Alternative Energy, Boiler and Machinery, Builders Risk, Captives, Commercial Property Insurance, Crime, Directors and Officers, Employment Practices Liability, Environmental, Excess/Umbrella, Financial Services, Foreign Casualty, General Liability, Healthcare, Hull and Liabilities, International Coverage, Machinery & Equipment Breakdown, Ocean Cargo, Political Risk, Professional Liability, Programs Products, Risk Engineering Services, Security and Privacy, Special Casualty, Surety, Trade Credit, Workers’ Compensation and Zurich Integrated Products.

Subsidiaries of Zurich

What’s more, there are many well-known finance, life and auto insurance companies that are subsidiaries of Zurich: American Guarantee and Liability Insurance Company, American Zurich Insurance Company, Assurance Company of America, Colonial American Casualty and Surety Company, Empire Fire & Marine Insurance Company, Empire Indemnity Insurance Company, Farmer’s Insurance Group, The Fidelity and Deposit Company of Maryland, Maine Bonding and Casualty Company, Maryland Casualty Company, Maryland Insurance Company, National Standard Insurance Company, Northern Insurance Company of New York, Steadfast Insurance Company, Universal Underwriters Insurance Company, Universal Underwriters of Texas Insurance Company, Zurich American Insurance Company, Zurich American Insurance Company of Illinois.

Zurich Awards & Recognition

Zurich has been the recipient of Direct Marketing Association’s Marketer of the Year Award in 2009; past recipients of this prestigious award were Best Buy, eBay, Microsoft-MSN, Yahoo! and many more. Zurich has also received international awards such as the #1 Low Risk Provider in Australia (for three years in a row), they have received the Golden Bulle Award in Germany, Money Mate and Investor Magazine awarded them the UK National Sales Award and the Trophy for General Insurance and Innovation in 2007.

Should You Choose Zurich Insurance?

In order to decide if this provider will work for your company’s needs you need to look at your needs. You will need to determine things like:

  • What kind of health insurance to offer: HMO, PPO, POS or Indemnity plans
  • What kind of coverage that you want to offer
  • What kind of deductible
  • What percentage of the insurance will be self-pay vs. company paid

For individuals seeking health insurance options, then Zurich will probably not offer you the coverage that you need. Using our free quote tool, found at the top of this page, will give you an idea of what you can expect to pay for health insurance for your preferred coverage amount and your family size.

Zurich Health Insurance Quotes

Zurich health insurance quotes are really only available for business owners and groups. Before you make your final health insurance purchase, ensure that you investigate the health insurance company that you are planning on using. While we will only show you reputable companies when you use our quote tool, it is important that you check reviews and company history to ensure that you are comfortable with everything the company has to offer. The first step, however, is getting your quotes so you can make an educated choice about your health insurance. Enter your zip in to start comparing quotes from many different health insurance providers now!

2 Comments to “Zurich Health Insurance Company”

  1. Dan Walter says:

    “My experience making a claim with Zurich has been very disappointing.

    My claim was passed off to a 3rd party company called Esis. Esis does not respond to phone calls or E-mails. When you relay this to Esis, they just say that they can’t help, because Esis deals with that division. This has been going on for over a month and is going nowhere!

    I strongly recommend avoiding Zurich and all of their mystery partners!”

  2. lolopolo says:

    “We bought the policy online at Tripinsurance.ru at the last minute before our trip to Russia in the event we became ill or had an accident being away. The insurance policy gave us calmness of our travel.

    The cost was very acceptable. Fortunately, no claims were made.”


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