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Where can I find private health insurance quotes for kids?

can i find private health insurance quotes for kidsMost people consider finding the right health insurance for their children a top priority as it is important for a child’s well being. Many parents will forego getting health insurance for themselves if they can’t afford it, but will make sure their child is covered.

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There are several programs out there for children who are uninsured. Most states have a program called Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP). According to Pennsylvania’s CHIP program all those children and teenagers who are not eligible for Medical Assistance can qualify for the CHIP program.

CHIP Program

What is the CHIP program?  The CHIP program is a federally funded program. However, each state is in charge of their CHIP program. Most states will cover all uninsured children and teens who do not qualify for medical assistance.

Many parents incorrectly assume that they have to be of low income to qualify for a CHIP program, but this isn’t the case. Those parents who do make more money will have to pay low monthly premiums and copayments for some services. The qualifying income for public health insurance depends upon which state you live in.

Private health insurance companies also offer CHIP health insurance. Most states require them to be licensed and regulated.

These private health insurance companies offer a variety of physicians, medical facilities and specialists in their networks to get the best overall medical care for their policyholders.

In most cases preexisting health conditions will still receive coverage. There are usually no exclusions when it comes to CHIP programs. Those children with more serious medical conditions or even disabilities might qualify for medical assistance instead of CHIP.

There are some aspects of CHIP that many people do not enjoy. Each child who qualifies for CHIP must go without any health insurance six months prior to receiving CHIP. This does not apply if they are under the age of two, if the child is being moved from another public health insurance program or if the child is not covered by health insurance because of the loss of a parent’s job.

Types of Health Insurance Available for Children

What other types of health insurance are available for children?  According to the State of Delaware there are state funded programs which provide for children of low income families to receive medical assistance. The qualifications for medical assistance are:

  • The child does not have health insurance
  • The child must be under the age of 19
  • The child must reside in the state in which they are applying
  • The child must be a U.S. citizen or a qualified noncitizen
  • The child must meet income eligibility guidelines

Many private insurance companies also offer an affordable children’s health insurance program that is separate from the state funded CHIP plan. There are several options for managed health insurance plans that will cover the preventative care children require. The managed care plans that health insurance companies offer are usually HMO health insurance and PPO health insurance.

HMOs and PPOs Managed Health Insurance Plans

What are HMOs and PPOs managed health insurance plans?  HMO health insurance plans require the insured person have a primary care physician to coordinate care. There is a network of providers which policyholders are required to use. If the insured uses a medical provider outside the network their medical bills will either be only partially covered or not covered at all.

PPO health insurance is very similar to HMO coverage. You have a primary care physician and also a large network of preferred providers that should be used. There are usually copayments at the time the medical services are received. This is usually a small percentage of the overall cost of the service and the insurance company covers the rest.

However, PPOs offer a little more flexibility than HMO plans. Those with a PPO plan can seek out of network providers and get some coverage from the health insurance company. However, if a provider outside the network is used the policyholder will have to pay more expenses out of pocket.

Options for Health Insurance Quotes

find private health insurance quotes for kidsIs it important to look at all health insurance quotes for my child?  You should consider all of your options when it comes to health insurance for your child. It’s beneficial to utilize all tools at your disposal to help find the best rates. You may want to consult a health insurance broker if you feel you really need personal assistance. By using the internet to do your research you can quickly compare a variety of child health insurance rates.

Most people feel that a children’s health insurance plan is necessary for the wellbeing of their kids. It can be very distressing to be unable to find an insurance plan that you can afford. Doing a thorough comparison can help you find the right health insurance plan.

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