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Where can I find online affordable health insurance quotes?

can i find online affordable health insurance quotesIf you’re looking for affordable healthcare insurance quotes online you have a couple of different options. First, you can use a site like you’re on right now to do a generalized search based on your zip code and some other pertinent information. Second, you can visit the dedicated websites of individual health insurance providers and get a quote from each one of them.

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In all likelihood the most comprehensive approach will be to utilize both resources. The more generalized search sites will automatically eliminate companies from your search who do not provide health insurance in your state. These websites will not be able to give you a precise health insurance quote, so you’ll need to take the list of companies operating in your state and contact insurance companies individually. Keep in mind that your final premium price will be heavily dependent on your own personal circumstances.

Searching Online for Health Insurance

Is it common to search online for health insurance? The advent of the Internet has opened up a whole new world where consumers can quickly accumulate lots of information in a very short amount of time. It has made things like searching for health insurance quotes much easier than it used to be in the past. It’s fair to say that a lot more people are using the online method to do much of their shopping, including looking for health insurance plans. The only downside is that you can’t always believe everything you read.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention the 2010 census revealed that slightly more than 61% of the American population was covered by some sort of private health insurance.

With that many people covered by some sort of plan there’s a good chance many of them used online research to one extent or another.

Even for those who get their insurance through their employers, the Internet still provides the benefit of being able to research the plan your employer is offering.

Specifics to Look For

Should I be looking for anything specific? If you’re simply searching online to find out details about the plan your employer offers, your search will be a lot less comprehensive than one being conducted by someone shopping for his own policy.

You’ll be looking for policy specifics such as the cost of your monthly premiums, the specific types of coverage you are given, any annual limits and deductibles, and whether or not you are limited in terms of where you can seek your healthcare.

If you’re searching for your own policy you’ll be looking at all of those things and more. Before you start though, you’ll need to decide what type of insurance you are after. For example, the Kaiser Family Foundation reports that during 2010 just under 22% of the American population was covered under an HMO insurance plan. That translates into about one third of all the total health insurance plans the United States. Knowing the type of plan you want will help refine your search.

Online Quote Accuracy

How accurate are online health insurance quotes? The accuracy of online health insurance quotes is directly tied to the company or organization offering them. With generalized search sites like this one you can expect a fairly close ballpark find online affordable health insurance quotesfigure. But the number you’re given will not be accurate down to the penny because not enough information is collected at the time of the inquiry. In order to get a completely accurate number a health insurance company must collect a lot more data.

By the same token, when you complete an online quote request from a health insurance provider you may or may not immediately get a number on your computer screen. Some health insurance companies will give you an instant price which is usually fairly accurate. But others will refer your online survey to a human representative will contact you for more detailed information before giving you a price. This last method is by far the best way to ensure your quote is accurate.

Searching online for health insurance estimates is a great way to find lots of information without spending inordinate amounts of time making phone calls. But be careful not to choose a health insurance plan simply because of the price. Be sure you know what your plan covers, how much it will cost her pocket, and whether any restrictions apply.

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