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Where can I find international health insurance?

all kinds of people looking for international health insuranceThere are several reasons you may want to purchase an international health insurance policy, whether it be due to an extended trip abroad or a newly acquired job on a cruise ship. Whatever the reason, international health insurance will allow you to receive the medical care you may need while you are outside of the United States.

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Several companies specialize in international health insurance policies. Like any insurance, you should do your homework so you can be certain you are purchasing from a reputable company and getting what you need at the best rate.

Why would I need international health insurance?

There are various reasons why you may need to purchase an international health insurance policy. The specific type of policy you purchase may also depend on your reason and length of time for needing it. Some of the most common reasons why people purchase international health insurance include:

  • Traveling abroad
  • Living abroad
  • Studying abroad
  • Sailing around the world
  • Working on a cruise ship
  • Missionary work
  • Contractors’ work abroad
  • Visitors and immigrants to the United States

What types of international health insurance are available?

There are several types of international health insurance policies that are designed to meet the specific needs of the policyholder’s situation. You need to understand the different types of policies before decide to purchase one. This way you can be assured of getting a policy that meets your needs.

Comprehensive Annual Plans – These are similar to regular insurance plans in the United States but they cover you worldwide. You pay a monthly premium and renew your contract with the insurance company annually. Depending on the plan, you may or may not have a co-pay. These plans are designed for people who will be staying abroad for an extended period or who travel abroad many times a year.

Basic Travel Major Medical – These plans are designed for travelers and are purchased for the specified amount of time that you will need the insurance. Typically, you can purchase a plan of this type for anywhere from five days to six months. These plans pay an agreed upon amount of money per medical procedure while you are traveling abroad.

Visitor/Immigrant International Health Insurance – These are designed for foreign visitors or immigrants to the United States so that they are covered for medical expenses while here.

Missionary Specific Insurance – Comprehensive or Basic Travel plans designed to meet the needs of those doing missionary work abroad

Expatriate International Health Insurance – Designed for U.S. citizens choosing to live abroad for an extended period

Student International Health Insurance – Designed to meet the needs of college students studying abroad

Special Risk International Health Insurance – These policies are designed for those who are visiting high-risk areas of the world. In addition to basic health insurance, these plans often include extras such as:

  • Terrorism insurance
  • War-risk plans
  • Kidnap and ransom insurance
  • Accidental death and dismemberment coverage

Where can I find information and compare international health insurance policies?

After researching and making a list of companies that specialize in international health insurance policies, it is a good idea to compare those companies to make sure you are only considering reputable businesses. You will also want to make sure the plans offered will satisfy your needs.

You can determine if a company is reputable or not by looking at accreditations offered by organizations such as the National Committee for Quality Assurance, or the Better Business Bureau to view any complaints filed recently against a company. You can also find out information on the financial stability of a company from A.M. Best.

What questions should I ask myself before I start my research?

Prior to researching insurance companies for an international health insurance policy you need to know the answers to several questions that will better prepare you to find a policy that meets your individual needs. Here are some of these questions:

  • How long will I be abroad?
  • What health issues do I expect could arise?
  • What are my own pre-existing health concerns?
  • Am I traveling to a high-risk area?
  • Do I require a policy with extras such as dental insurance, emergency evacuation coverage, or terrorism insurance?
  • How much can I afford to pay (a) for medical expenses while I am abroad, (b) for an insurance premium?

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