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What companies will offer me student health insurance?

students health insuranceThere are many companies that will offer health insurance to students. You have the option of finding insurance from a local agent, online, or even through your college. You can learn more about what companies offer health insurance to students in the following article.

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When shopping for student health insurance you should make sure you have adequate coverage for your student needs. You can also determine what companies offer health insurance for students in the United States or for studying internationally.

What companies offer student health insurance in the United States?

There are many companies, which offer student health insurance. For example, Aetna Insurance offers student health insurance that can be purchased online. You can even see if you can find your school listed as a school that offers Aetna insurance to its students by pulling down the drop down menu to review the list of schools that participate.

United Health Care is another provider of student health insurance. United Health Care describes its plans on their website. You can also view a list of schools that participate in United Health Care plans on the United Health Care website.

United Health Care brings up a valid point that many health care companies do not provide coverage when the policyholder is out of state. If you plan on attending college out of the state you currently reside with your parents under their policy, you should understand that there is a good possibility that your coverage will all be out of network unless you purchase a student policy within the state your school is located.

Assurant Health also provides student insurance with two different health plans. You can view both plans online. You also have the ability to see whether Assurant Student Health plans are available in your state by clicking on the map provided on the company’s website.

The American College Student Association also provides insurance to college students who cannot obtain private insurance. You can review coverage at the ACSA website.

What kind of coverage should a student have when studying away at school?

When sending your student off to school, be sure that the health coverage you obtain provides prescription benefits, dental benefits, vision benefits, hospitalization, physician services, and emergency medical services.

What companies offer student health insurance for studying abroad?

According to the U.S. Department of State per The New School, all students travelling abroad are required to maintain health insurance coverage. There are many companies, which offer health insurance plans for international students. You can choose from ones like Academic Risk Management, The Harbor Group, or Medex.

What kind of coverage should a student have when studying internationally?

It is very important that you purchase the right kind of health insurance for a student studying internationally. Be sure that the coverage provides health and accident insurance, which is also known as international health insurance. The benefits include:

  • Seeing physicians
  • Hospital visits
  • Medications
  • Sometimes even dental care

You should also be sure that the plan provides evacuation services in case the student needs to be brought to the United States due to a medical emergency.

Lastly, the coverage should include trip cancellation coverage. This is important in case the student needs to return home due to a family emergency or in case the plans for attending school internationally do not substantiate.

Do I have to get student health insurance?

You do not have to get student health insurance due to the Patient and Protection Act of 2010, which requires insurance companies to provide insurance to dependents of insured’s until the age of 26. However, if your student is attending an out of state college or out of the country school, your student’s coverage will be considered out of network. If this is the case, it might be more economical to get your student his or her own student health insurance.

How long should student health insurance be for?

Student health insurance coverage does not need to be long term. You can find many policies that are short term for six months or nine months at a time. The timeframe usually coordinates with the amount of time college students are away at school.

Are there any limitations for student health insurance coverage?

The only limitation for student health coverage is if your student has a preexisting condition. Often times, you can have difficulty obtaining coverage when there is a preexisting medical condition. However, with the new Health Care Reform policies, insurance companies are soon not going to be able to prevent individuals from obtaining coverage if they suffer from a preexisting condition.

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