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UPMC Health Insurance Company

The largest employer in Western Pennsylvania is also the largest health insurance provider in the region. The UPMC Health Insurance Company is owned and operated by the University of Pittsburg Medical Center. This medical center is one of the top 10 medical centers in the United States, according to a report published by US News and World Report.

As a local health insurance company, UPMC partners with local providers as well as those working at the medical center to provide the best care possible for its members.

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UPMC Health Plan Division

Part of UPMC Health Insurance Company is the UPMC Health Plan Division. This division works to provide affordable, quality health insurance plans for its members. They offer a variety of benefits through Medicare, special needs, medical assistance programs, group health insurance plans, and worker’s compensation plans to more than 1.3 million people. Their network includes over 7,500 providers, 80 hospitals and spans 29 counties in the region.

UPMC Managed Health Care

Though some people are skeptical when it comes to managed health plans, UPMC works to manage health care while still leaving choices in its member’s hands. Along with primary care physicians, ob/gyns, pediatricians, and clinics they offer medical care and preventive care. They believe that allowing members access to preventive care will help detect potentially dangerous medical issues. Early detection is the first step towards an overall treatment plan.

UPMC Behavioral Health Division

They also offer services for those who struggle with issues that affect health. They have a behavioral health division with well trained and equipment physicians, psychiatrists, and other mental health workers. They also assist members with weight lose solutions, ideas for lowering blood pressure and cholesterol and smoking cessation services. For those with a chronic illness, pain and medication management programs are available.

UPMC Group Health Plans

UPMC does not offer plans to individuals. It is a group sponsored health insurance company. All UPMC members receive their plans through employers or organizations. The only exception to this is Medicare patients. For those 65 and older who are on Medicare, UPMC offers supplemental plans and treatment options to assist in the gaps left by Medicare. This is for residents of Western Pennsylvania, Ohio, and West Virginia only.

UPMC Specialty Insurance Plans

UPMC also offers specialty plans for those who may not qualify for other types of insurance coverage or cannot afford other coverage. One specialty plan that UPMC offers is the Life Specialty Plan. This is a free plan for those who qualify for Medicare Parts A and B. This plan provides for doctor’s visits, fitness center membership, prescription coverage, dental benefits, hearing benefits, and vision benefits. For those senior citizens struggling to afford Medicare, this plan is a great alternative.

UPMC for Kids

Another specialty plan is UPMC for Kids. This is provides at cost, low cost, or free health insurance for Pennsylvania children who meet eligibility requirements. Requirements include income restrictions and family size. Any uninsured child or teen can apply for this program. Based on parent’s income, there may be a co-pay or small monthly premium but these amounts are far less than traditional health care options.

UPMC MyHealth Plan

For group plans UPMC provides the MyHealth Plan. This plan was put together by experts and has subsequently won many awards for its quality direction towards promoting wellness. MyHealth not only provides for a variety of typical medical situations, but also offers additional benefits to its members. Again, this plan is only available to individuals through a group such as an employer or organization.

UPMC MyHealth Advice Line

One benefit of MyHealth is the MyHealth Advice Line. This line is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. No matter what symptoms, health questions, or medicine questions you have, the advice line can help. This is not an on call service, but can provide you with help so you know what you should do next. The advice line is answered by qualified nurses and the number is toll free.

UPMC Healthy Living Rewards Program

Another additional benefit is the Healthy Living Rewards Program. This program allows you discounts at participating merchants in the area. Merchants include fitness centers, spas, hearing aid suppliers, weight management programs, naturopaths, health food stores, dance studios, martial arts centers, sporting good stores, pharmacies, opticians, recreations facilities, and even beauty salons.

UPMC Condition Management

A unique benefit offered to MyHealth members is Condition Management. This is for individuals who suffer from chronic conditions. The goal is to improve the health of members and reduce risks of further problems or complications. Some typical conditions managed under this program are heart disease, respiratory health, depression, and diabetes. Management tools are available online, in person, and over the phone.

Compare UPMC Health Insurance Quotes

Deciding if UPMC Health Insurance can work for you is a big decision. Comparing what other companies have to offer with your UPMC health insurance quotes is a vital step in your decision making process. You can use our quote tool to compare quotes and coverage options from a variety of companies. Seeing how these companies compare to UPMC will give you the information you need to choose the health care company that will best match your health care needs. Take just minutes to enter your zip code into the rate tool before you leave your chair. Get started now!

4 Comments to “UPMC Health Insurance Company”

  1. Lucy Thompson says:

    After 7 medication changes to prove I don’t need Lyrica, UPMC Health Plan has once again denied my doctor’s request. UPMC in all it’s wisdom would rather search through more and more cheap narcotics than treat the problem. I am a LAB RAT!

  2. Susan Karp says:

    Have only had this insurance since July 1 of this year and I think they are out to kill me! I have already filed 3 complaints — get the runaround. They tried to deny me benefits I was entitled to. Coverage is very limited to this area as well.

  3. Diane Stape says:

    “I have only had this insurance for less than a month. I have been on the phone with them daily for a week. They still won’t cover Cymbalta which as of Dec. 11 now has a generic my Dr did the prior auth which he already did to get approved by Highmark. well, they now denied and have to go into appeal to get this medication, unreal.

    I started this medication because it was nonnarcotic I take this in addition to narcotics and I thought this would be better than going on any stronger narcotics well let me warn you this medication is so much more addicting than the narcotics. when upmc insured this region they take the sick with the healthy I believe my hippa rights are being violated.

    I have had insurance for 30 yrs without a gap when they insured me. I was already on a treatment plan that was working in my eyes if something is not broke don’t try to fix it. upmc needs to let the patients doctors treat the patient not deal with all this paperwork I don’t want to spend my time with my Dr discussing insurance I am there to get care. I also need to get my hip replaced.

    Can only see the road ahead. UPMC wake up”

  4. Janet Pursel says:

    What can I say? I have been with UPMC for a month! What a nightmare! Trash! Trash! Trash! Please, people, stay away from UPMC!


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