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Unison Health Insurance Company

Are you interested in learning about Unison Health Insurance Company and what benefits they can offer you if you choose them as your health insurance provider?

Picking a health care provider can be a daunting task, but finding out how they view their mission, what principles they value and the company history can get you off to a good start. You will also want to get an overview of their plans and products and what areas of the country the service. Whether the company, be it Unison Health Insurance or any other, has won any awards or what they offer in terms of customer service might also be of interest when weighing insurers. Lastly, a price comparison will help you to know that you are getting good value for your health insurance dollar.

Read this Unison Health Plan review, take a look at the customer reviews of Unison Insurance, and then enter your zip into the box on this page to compare free quotes from the best health care insurance companies in your local area.

Unison Health Plan History

Unison Health Insurance Company began in 1995 and was known at that time as Three Rivers Health Plans, Inc. In 1996, they gained their first member in Pennsylvania and three years later they restructured and expanded into three additional states. They were awarded a Delaware contract in 2007 and a Washington, D.C. contract in 2008. In, 2008 they were licensed to operate in six states. That same year they were acquired by AmeriChoice, a United Health Group Company (click here to read the AmeriChoice review and click here to read the United Healthcare review). Unison Health Insurance Company now provides private sector health care in Delaware, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Ohio, South Carolina, and Washington, D.C. and serves 2 million people with government sponsored health care in 21 states and Washington D.C.

Unison Health Insurance: Mission

The mission of Unison Health Insurance Company is to co-ordinate and fund cost effective and high quality health care while providing excellent customer service. They put strong emphasis on compliance obligations, laws and regulations. They strive to provide efficient, friendly and helpful problem solving and desire to operate in a way that will produce profits and economic growth that will yield long term stability.

Unison Health Plan Awards

In 2007, the National Committee for Quality Assurance awarded this group an excellent rating for their MedPLUS Plan and a commendable rating for Unison Health Plan of Tennessee Inc.’s Medicaid HMO Plan. That same year they also received four Senior Choice Gold Awards Senior Choice Gold Awards are given in recognition for excellence in Medicaid value. The plans that received these awards were the Harrisburg and Allentown-Lehigh Valley Pennsylvania Advantage Preferred Plans and the Pittsburg, Pennsylvania and Memphis, Tennessee Advantage Choice Plans.

Unison Health Insurance Plans

The Unsion health insurance plans include Unison Advantage, Unison Advantage Plus and Advantage Choice. Unison Advantage provides standard Medicare coverage but adds additional benefits like dental, transportation and fitness memberships. There are no premiums for Unison Advantage only low out-of-pocket costs. Referrals are not required with Unison Advantage and use of out-of-network providers is allowed under certain circumstances.

Unison Advantage benefits include dentures and dental care, eye exams, glasses and contacts, hearing exams and hearing aids, fitness classes and gym memberships, four routine podiatry visits per year, Medicare Part D prescription coverage and transportation to doctor visits. The plan allows for coverage of 24 one way or 12 roundtrip transports per year in Pennsylvania and Tennessee and 36 one way or 18 roundtrip transports per year in Ohio. Participants in Unison Advantage are still responsible to pay Medicare Part B premiums unless these are being covered by a third party.

Unison Advantage Plus is a special needs plan that serves those who qualify for both Medicaid and Medicare benefits. It has many of the same benefits as Unison Advantage with the exception that is does not fitness classes or gym memberships but adds a quarterly health product benefit of $80 in Tennessee and Ohio and $90 in Pennsylvania.

Not only did Advantage Choice win Senior Choice Awards for excellence in Medicare value but in 2009 it was ranked #1 by Medicare News Watch if your health is good or fair. For those with poor health it plan ranked 3rd. This plan includes Medicare Part D coverage and does not charge premiums. Annual out-of-pocket expenses in the form of co-payments and deductibles are $131 if you are in good health, $724 if you are in fair health and $3,478 if you are in poor health. The plan does not cover Medicare Part B premiums which were $96.40 per month in 2009.

Unison Health Plan Customer Service

Unison Health Insurance Company provides a membership services toll free line that is staffed Monday through Friday from 8am to 5pm. Volume trends are tracked and if the volume suggests additional operation time is necessary there could be days that the service line could remain open until 8pm. Unison also provides an after hours call service and a foreign language line. In addition, some areas have a medical advice line that is staffed by a nurse.

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2 Comments to “Unison Health Insurance Company”

  1. lucy a paolucci says:

    “I am receiving the worst treatment from this company right now. they will not find a neurologist for my son within a reasonable travel distance. the special needs unit actually wants me to go to pPhiladelphia this is outrageous.

    my special needs son is being denied service. I already filed a complaint with consumer affairs, DPW, Michael Nardone and will continue to take this matter further. my son has been on medication since he was 4 and a half years old he is now 13 and cannot get his medication renewed because of incompetence from your company. your supervisors won’t even return my calls.

    thanks for nothing”

  2. Nadine Vanberry says:

    “PLEASE help me to locate a Dr. in Philadelphia, PA !! I was living in Washington, DC.. and now I am in NJ … I have Unison Health Care ID # 002075192

    I understand there are NO providers in NJ so I must go to Philadelphia, PA ??

    I need Dermatologist and an Internist …

    Thank you.. Nadine VanBerry 609-748-0215 home
    202-407-2090 cell”


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