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UniCare Health Insurance Company

If you are looking for a cost effective health care organization that offers managed care options then you might find what you need with UniCare Health Insurance Company. This health insurance provider offers HMO plans, PPO plans and consumer driven products, with the main focus on managed care plans for employers, and is a subsidiary of WellPoint.

The first step to deciding if UniCare is the best choice to be your health insurance company is to learn about the company and the specific plans they can offer. Your next step will be to compare this data with offers from other respected companies.

Read this UniCare health insurance review, browse through the customer reviews of UniCare Insurance at the bottom of this page, and then enter your zip code in on the right hand side of this page to compare free quotes from top companies.

Why You Need to Select an Insurer

Having health insurance is very important. Even if you do not consider the costs of a serous illness or an accident, there is something else that you should consider instead. If you do not have health insurance, unless you are wealthy, you probably do not see a physician when you are ill; most people without health insurance do not. However, by not seeing a physician, you could be missing important telltale signs of a more serious illness.

What’s more, even if you do visit a doctor when you are sick, it is very likely that you do not visit a doctor for your preventative care visits, visits that are typically more costly because of lab work and other tests. These preventative tests ensure that a doctor catches things like high cholesterol, high blood pressure, and certain cancers that you cannot discover on your own. Preventative care simply helps you to live longer.

UniCare History

Here is a basic background to get you started. UniCare started out individually (as a subsidiary of WellPoint), but over the years have merged with such companies as John Hancock Mutual Life Insurance Company (1996), Massachusetts Mutual Life and Health Insurance Company (1997), and Rush Prudential Health Plans (2000). This allowed UniCare to offer a broader range of health care services to their customers and in more locations (with a focus on employers for their national plans).

UniCare Health Plans

UniCare offers three types of plans, MHealth Insured Elect, MHealth Insured Select and MHealth Insured Connect. Insured Elect is for purchase for individuals while Insured Select is for small businesses with 2 – 50 employees and Insured Connect is for businesses with 51 or more employees.

There are eleven insurance plan options for individuals who want to use a MHealth Insured Elect plan. They are called MHealth Elect Basic 2000, MHealth Elect 1000, MHealth Elect 2000, MHealth Elect 5000, MHealth Elect Plus 1000, MHealth Elect Plus 1500, MHealth Elect Plus 2500, MHealth Elect Plus 3500, MHealth Elect Plus 5000, Insured Elect HSA – Compatible Variable Deductable Plan 1 and Insured Elect HSA – Compatible Variable Deductable Plan 2.

The MHealth Elect Basic 2000 plan is the most affordable of these plans. It has a $2,000 annual deductable per member. The annual out of pocket maximums for members on this plan is $3,000 per member and $6,000 per plan. All of the MHealth plans have a $5M lifetime maximum coverage benefit per person covered under a MHealth plan. Office visits require a $30 co pay and under this plan, only two visits are covered without having to pay for each visit in full, after two visits you will pay in full until the deductible is reached. All other care is covered at 75% when using in network doctors and at 50% when using out of network doctors. Prescription drugs are covered under this plan with a $10 co pay for generic brands. Brand name formulary drugs have a $25 co pay with a $200 deductable with a prescription max of $500 coverage per person per year.

The other MHealth Elect plans have deductibles equal to their plan names (Elect 1000 has a $1000 deductable and so on). The out of pocket cost for the lower deductible plans are $3k per person and $6k per family. The lower deductable plans offer an 80/20 coverage plan with up to four visits to the doctor before the deductable starts being paid. Prescription co pays are $10 for generic brands, $30 for brand name drugs with a one thousand dollar deductable and $50 co pay for brand names not covered under the plan with a one thousand dollar deductable as well.

For the higher deductable plans, the coverage is 75/25 with you paying 25% of the cost for your medical coverage. While the generic drugs cost the same for every plan ($10 co pay), the brand name drugs, however will have a $60 co pay for formulary and a $100 co pay for non-formulary covered brands.

Elect Plus plans offer very similar benefits with their lower and higher deductable Elect counterparts. However, the biggest difference is when it comes to doctors visits, on the plus plans, there is no limit to how many times that you can see your physician for preventive care, you only pay a co pay of $30 for each visit.

The Insured Elect HSA – Compatible Variable Deductable Plans offer mid range deductibles such as $1,150 rather than $1,000 or $1,500. All services are paid out at 80% for in network and 50% for out of network. After the deductable is met, all in network services are covered 100% and out of network is covered at the agreed upon negotiated rate for in network services (in other words you pay the difference between the actually price and the price that the insurance company is willing to pay).

It is important to note that UniCare only offers their MHealth plans in Texas; while they do offer individual plans to those in other states their offerings are very limited. They do, however offer group plans to businesses in all fifty states and in the District of Columbia. Their group plans will vary based on the employer’s needs and they will help employers decide which plans are the most affordable for their company and for their employees.

You can also purchase specialty insurance plans such as pharmacy plans, dental, life, disability, behavioral, COBRA, short-term insurance plans and flex pay accounts. If you are interested in one of these specialty plans, speak to one of our independent representatives and discover if UniCare offers the options in the state where you live.

UniCare Awards & Accolades

WellPoint, the parent company for UniCare has been the recipient for many awards and recognitions. They were recognized by Fortune Magazine as on of the countries “100 Fastest Growing Companies,” Forbes Magazine’s “Platinum 400 Honor Roll” of best managed companies in America for the 6th consecutive year, “Top Four Companies for Executive Women” by the National Association for Female Executive and “Highest in Prescription Drug Benefits and Services Report” for J.D. Power and Associates.

Compare UniCare Health Insurance Quotes

No matter where you live in the country, there are health insurance companies in your area who provide affordable health insurance. You owe it to yourself and to your family to ensure that you have the proper coverage so that you can live a long and healthy life. Decide what kind of coverage you want, and then use our free quote tool to compare the rates of insurance companies in your area and get your health care coverage today!

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