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Synergy Health Insurance Company

If you are thinking about purchasing health insurance from Synergy Health Insurance Company, you may want to get a feel for what Synergy Health Insurance Company is all about. What they offer in the way of products and plans will be a major factor in your decision to be sure but some other factors like the company’s history, scope, vision, and stability can also impact your choice. Certainly, you will want to compare the cost of a Synergy Health Insurance Company plan to that of several of its competitors so that you know that you are getting a fair price for your health care.

Synergy Health Insurance Company began as a partnering of the Michael Redding and Rohrer Weldy Agencies. The referral relationship the agencies developed was designed to offer products and services that were better tailored to customer needs. In 2006, the agencies were merged and given the name Synergy Health Insurance Company. Their goal is to make shopping for health insurance easier for the customer and to become their resource experts. Currently, Synergy is not licensed to operate in every state but offers its policy options to those residing in: Colorado, Florida, Indiana, Connecticut, Georgia, Nevada, Ohio, Wisconsin and Kentucky.

Synergy Health Insurance Company gears its products toward those who may have trouble affording standard health care plans. Their plans are also well suited to those who don’t have health insurance coverage from their employer and can’t afford a high deductible health care plan. Why is this even necessary? Some health care providers will not insure persons with pre-existing conditions. This is not the case with Synergy Health Insurance Company. Synergy Health policies are guaranteed issue. This means that pre-existing conditions like high blood pressure, heart attack, stroke, diabetes, or high cholesterol will not cause you to be denied coverage.

Synergy Health Insurance Company provides its health care, dental care, automobile, homeowners, annuities, and life insurance policies through a host of other insurance companies that they work with. The coverage benefits included in individual policies will vary depending on the company through which your policy was obtained.

Synergy Health Insurance Company offers health plans for individuals, families and seniors, life insurance, automobile insurance, homeowners insurance, and dental plans for individuals, families and seniors. Synergy’s health plans cover physician’s visits, prescription drugs, x-rays and diagnostic tests, pre-natal care, surgery, preventative care, hospital care, nursing home stays, and emergency room visits. They also offer savings on contacts and discounts for LASIK and chiropractic care.

Synergy also offers critical care insurance which gives the insured a lump sum payment upon diagnosis of major illnesses like heart attacks, cancer or strokes. The lump sum can be used to cover any illness related expenses like childcare, living expenses due to lost income, or medical costs. Payments are made for each diagnosis and family members are included in the coverage. Coverage is available in $5,000, $10,000 and $15,000 amounts. Synergy offers three dental plans, One Dental Plan, Prime Star Personal and Prime Star Platinum. Prime Star Personal is for individuals from 18 years old to 59 years old and their families and Prime Star Platinum is for those who are over 60 years old. One Dental Plan offers group like benefits for individuals between 18 and 59 years of age and their families.

Synergy Health Insurance Company also offers term, universal and whole life insurance as well as fixed and flexible annuities. Automobile insurance policies are also available. Qualifying drivers with Synergy automobile policies can receive safe car, good driver, loss free, good student and multiple policy discounts. Synergy’s homeowners policyholders can get their premiums reduced by having a newer home, buying a burglar alarm, being claim free or having multiple policies through Synergy. Their homeowners policies include repair guarantees and living expenses that a claim renders their home uninhabitable.

There are other benefits of having a health insurance policy through this company. When you have a health insurance policy with Synergy there are no claims forms to file, their policies to not have deductibles, maximums or frequency limitations, they do not have require waiting periods and do they have age restrictions.

Since this organization is a fairly new entity, given that it was formed in 2006, does not currently have much published data regarding customer satisfaction or stability and financial strength ratings available. Maybe the policies and benefits offered by Synergy Health Insurance are what you’ve been looking for in an insurance company. Even so shopping around and getting rate quotes from a few different health insurance providers will increase your confidence that you have found the best possible plan for your needs at the best price available. You can obtain free rate quotes using the rate quote tool above.

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  1. David Griffin says:

    “I had a knee surgery in 2009. Synergy was my provider… They lied to me , the anesthesiologist, the hospital, the Dr and his organization said I was covered with a certain level of benefits they paid a couple hundred dollars out of 16,000 in charges.

    The hospital and the rest performed the surgery on the basis of their lies.. they then lied on every phone call made to them by all parties for the next two years. Saying they we are going to pay … Asking for more faxes and repeated faxes of the same documents …”


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