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State Farm Health Insurance Company

State Farm has been in business since 1922. Their primary business was auto insurance; however, over the years they included many other kinds of insurance. This includes insurance provided by the State Farm Health Insurance Company in order to provide their customers with the option to get every type of coverage they might need at one company. State Farm Health Insurance Company is an example of one of the many services offered by the larger entity called simply, State Farm.

State Farm health insurance is underwritten by Assurant (click here to read the full Assurant Health Insurance Review), a company that has been providing health insurance since 1892. They offer their experience in combination with State Farm, which provides State Farm customers with the benefit of knowledge from two very strong and well-established companies. This company has been a staple mark in neighborhoods around the country for nearly 100 years and as such, their name is synonymous with longevity, customer service, and comprehensive coverage. With the variety of coverage that State Farm offers, along with their 24/7 live support, many people turn to State Farm before considering any other insurance carrier.

While going with a reputable company is a smart move, it’s still wise to look at other options too. Since rates and benefits vary so widely, health insurance is not a one size fits all proposition. Start by learning by getting a variety of quotes, then learning about each insurer before you make a final decision. Read through this

State Farm Health Insurance Plans

State Farm Health Insurance Company, in conjunction with Assurant Health Insurance Company, offers several State Farm health plans for their customers. Customers can purchase individual health insurance coverage, high deductible health plans, short-term medical, student select coverage and supplemental coverage. Each of these plans are specifically designed to assist individuals in specific situations. For example, individual health insurance is a plan that is usually chosen by people who are self-employed, have no health insurance through their job, retirees, or are part-time workers who do not qualify for health insurance through their place of employment. State Farm health insurance offers these individuals two options; a standard indemnity plan or a high deductible health care plan.

An indemnity plan with State Farm offers you the option of a very high life time maximum (for an extra cost of course). State Farm offers a staggering $8 million lifetime maximum offer if you are in need of it. To lower your costs you can choose a lower lifetime maximum as well. Indemnity plans offer you the option of seeing any doctor that you choose and State Farm offers worldwide care, so if you are out of the country and are ill or injured, you can visit any physician necessary. You also do not need a referral to see a specialist with an indemnity plan.

A high deductible plan is just what it sounds like, you choose a higher deductable in order to have a more affordable premium. In this case, you can choose a deductible as high as $10,000 for a family, if you wish. However, unless you have this kind of money readily at hand, it may not be the best idea to choose such a high deductible for your plan. No matter what your deductible is, you are able to see a doctor for preventative services, such as a physical, mammogram, etc. without it applying to the deductible. In these cases you simply pay a co-insurance to the doctor’s office at the time of your visit.

Short Term, Student, & Supplemental Coverage

Short term health insurance is growing more popular as more people are finding that they are out of work and need an affordable insurance plan to tide them over until they find another job. You should consider short-term insurance if you believe that you will have a job soon that will provide you with insurance or if you have started a job that has a sixty to ninety day period before your insurance becomes effective. Short term insurance is not meant to replace regular insurance and does not cover pre-existing conditions, nor does it provide comprehensive insurance.

Student select coverage offers coverage for college students who no longer have coverage under their parents insurance. One of the costs that many students forget to consider is the cost of health care, which is required by every United States college for every student who attends classes on campus. Student select coverage is a basic health insurance plan that covers typical emergencies and preventative care at an affordable rate for students.

Lastly, State Farm also offers a supplemental medical plan. Supplemental medical is insurance that covers catastrophic events. Some people choose this plan in addition to their regular health insurance to ensure that if something truly serious occurs, they have additional coverage. Others choose this plan as their only health care options because it offers an affordable way to receive care if something serious happens, such as a heart attack or stroke.

Additional State Farm Health Plans

You can also purchase a prescription plan, a vision plan and a dental plan through State Farm as separate policies. State Farm offers small businesses the option of purchasing health insurance as well. These plans include indemnity, HMO, PPOs and POS plans, giving employers many options to choose from in a range of price points.

State Farm also offers a variety of other insurance options for their customers. They offer auto insurance, boat insurance, homeowners insurance, business insurance, life insurance, disability insurance, flood, motorcycle, and more. They are truly a full service insurance company.

State Farm Awards & Recognition

Many awards have been presented to State Farm as well; most are awards for their diversity in the workplace, such as the CODY Award and the Top 50 Employer – Equal Opportunity Magazine’s 2009 Reader’s Choice Award. These awards show State Farm’s commitment to the people that work for them which in turn is passed on to their customers.

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Despite all of the wonderful things that State Farm has to offer to their customers and potential customers, they may not be the right company for you to purchase your health insurance from. State Farm health insurance is not available in Wisconsin, Massachusetts, New Jersey, New York, Rhode Island, and Vermont. You will not know who is right for you until you do a quote comparison between several companies who sell insurance in your area. To do that, you can use the free quote tool that we offer right here on the top of this page. You will find that you can compare State Farm’s rates with other companies and see who has the best price for the health insurance that you need. Enter your zip to start comparing health insurance providers today!

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