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SCAN Health Insurance Company

Dino Christoforakis
Dino Christoforakis

Editor in Chief & Licensed Insurance Agent.

Interested in finding out about SCAN Health Insurance Company and whether they have a plan that would meet your needs? There are so many health insurance companies to choose from when purchasing health insurance it can be difficult to decide which one would be the best fit for you.

Often, finding out about the company’s background, scope and vision can help you to know that their approach to health care is similar to your own. Learning what benefits that SCAN Health Insurance Company and other providers offer is a crucial part of the decision making process. Finally, determining what your health insurance policy will cost and whether the price you are paying for your coverage is competitive will also affect your decision.

Read the SCAN Health Insurance review, browse through the customer reviews of the SCAN Health Plan at the bottom of this page, and then enter your zip code in on the side of this page in order to compare quotes from many different health insurance providers online.

SCAN Health Insurance: History

SCAN (Senior Care Action Network) Health Insurance, now called SCAN Health Plan, was founded in 1977. The network was founded by senior citizens who felt that their access to quality health care services was inadequate and they needed an organization of this type to address their concerns. SCAN is a not for profit organization whose goal is to help senior citizens avoid nursing homes by giving them benefits that allow them to receive services in other venues. In this way, SCAN Health Insurance Company is enabling seniors to have control of where and how they live.

SCAN Health Insurance Network Coverage

SCAN Health Insurance Company is currently based in Long Beach, California. They have more than 800 employees and 110,000 members. They operate in seven counties in California including Kern, Los Angeles, Orange, Riverside, San Bernardino, San Diego, and Ventura. SCAN Health Insurance Company’s mission is to become the leading senior focused health management organization in each market in which they compete. They strive to find new ways to aid the elderly in managing their health care such that they can have living arrangements of their choice. They seek to develop partnerships that will allow for their members to get the care that they need in the setting they prefer at a reasonable cost.

SCAN Health Plans

SCAN Health Insurance Company offers Classic, Options, and Signature Plans. Classic plans are available in all counties in which they operate, Options plans are available in San Bernardino, Riverside, Los Angeles and Orange counties, and Signature plans are offered in San Diego. Coverage and co-pays vary by county.

SCAN Classic Health Plan

In Kern County, the Classic Plan charges no premiums, has a co-pay of $5 for preferred care physician and $10 co-pay for visits to a specialist. The plan has $100 co-pays for inpatient care for the first four days, outpatient surgery, and ambulance trips. No co-payments are charged for the first 20 days of skilled nursing facilities, transportation, diagnostic tests, x-rays, lab work, and routine physical exams. A co-pay of $50 is charged for emergency care visits anywhere in the world, $20 co-pay applies for 21-100 days of skilled nursing facility care and urgent care has $5-$25 co-pays.

The Classic plan also includes In-Home Recovery benefits of up to $1000 for qualified participants. This plan provides personalized care at $15 co-pay per visit and a transportation escort for $15 co-pay. In-Home Recovery also includes an in-home recovery co-coordinator, custodial level care and home meals. The plan has co-pays of $10 for eye exams, $25 for glasses or contacts per two year period, and covers $75 towards frames and $100 toward the cost of contact lenses. The plan also has $10 co-pay for hearing exams, $0-$10 co-pay for hearing aid fittings with a $400 limit on hearing aids over a three year period.

The Classic plan has co-pays of $0, $10, $30, $50 and 25% for one month supplies of select generic, preferred generic, brand, additional brands and specialty pharmaceuticals, respectively. Three month supplies carry co-pays of $0, $20, $60, and $100 for generic, preferred generic, brand and additional brand drugs respectively. Kern county residents on the Classic plan have a $2,800 limit for total drug costs after which co-pays apply to formulary generic drugs and brand name drugs are not covered. This plan also includes a Health Wise for Life Handbook and a SCAN Club Newsletter. A Friends and Family Program and a 24 hour nurse line are also available options in Kern County.

The Classic Plan in the remaining counties has similar coverage to Kern County with the following exceptions:

Ventura County has co-pays for preferred care physician of $10, co-pays for urgent care range from $10-$25, and their drug plan coverage limit is $3000.

Los Angeles County has a $50 co-pay for the first 8 days of inpatient care, $50 co-pay for each outpatient surgery, $50 co-pay for ambulances, $10 co-pay for Medicare covered chiropractic care, and a total drug coverage limit of $4000.

Riverside County has a $10 co-pay for preferred care physicians, $50 co-pay for first 10 days of inpatient hospital care, $75 co-pay for ambulances, $10 co-pay for Medicare covered chiropractic care, and a total drug coverage limit of $3000.

Orange County has $50 co-pay for the first ten days of inpatient care, $50 co-pay for outpatient surgery, $50 co-pay for ambulances, $10 co-pay for Medicare covered chiropractic care, and a total drug coverage limit of $3000.

San Bernardino County has a $10 co-pay for each visit to a primary care physician, $50 co-pay for first ten days inpatient hospital care, $50 co-pay for outpatient surgery, $75 co-pay for ambulance, $10 co-pay for Medicare covered chiropractic care and a total drug coverage limit of $3000.

San Diego County has a $10 co-pay primary care physician visits, $25 co-pay for specialists, does not charge co-pays for inpatient or skilled nursing care, has co-pay of 20% for medical supplies, $25 co-pay for Medicare covered chiropractic care, and includes the Friends and Family Plan as well as the 24 hour nurse line.

SCAN Option & Signature Plans

The Option Plans offered in Orange, Riverside, and San Bernardino counties differ from their Classic Plans in that there are no co-pays for primary care physicians or specialists, the skilled nursing facility 21-100 day stay co-pay is $50, the co-pay for Medicare covered medical equipment is 20%, hearing aids are not covered and $10 co-pays apply to both routine chiropractic care and acupuncture treatments.

The Los Angeles county Options plan has a co-pay of $50 for outpatient surgery instead of the $100 co-pay the other counties charge. The San Diego county Signature plan differs from its Classic Plan in that there is a premium of $59 per month, the outpatient co-pay is $200, and the total drug cost limit is $3000.

The prescription drug coverage in each of the plans is similar in format to those outlined in the Kern county Classic Plan although co-pays for different drug classes can vary slightly from county to county.

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