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Psalm Health Insurance Company

Psalm health insurance is not a specific company, but it is a coverage option for Christian families who cannot afford or opt to go without health insurance for personal religious convictions. As America continues through a health care crisis and our public health care system is heavily debated, some Christians are choosing an alternative to traditional health insurance coverage. So if you are looking for specifics on the Psalm Health Insurance Company, you are in the right place.

It is important to remember that absent very strong religious beliefs against a particular type of health insurance plan then it is almost always the responsible thing to do to make sure that you and your family have adequate major medical health insurance from a trusted health insurance provider. The #1 cause of consumer bankruptcy is because of unpaid medical bills and it is even true that many of those very people that have gone bankrupt because of medical bills have had health insurance! This is means it is even more important to choose a comprehensive major medical health insurance plan and not just any old plan that offers bare bones coverage (or even worse going without health insurance coverage at all).

Read this Psalm Health Insurance review, take a look at some of the customer reviews of the Psalms Health Insurance system below this article (and consider leaving your own review!), and then enter your zip code in on the side of this page to compare free health insurance quotes from many different health care insurance providers.

Christian Health Insurance Choices

This choice is based on a few different matters. One reason is that some Christian families do not want to support a health insurance company or plan that is not in line with their philosophy about caring for individuals. This includes procedures, medications, and surgeries that may not be in line with their particular denomination or doctrine, like abortions and birth control. This decision may be based on church membership regulations and/or individual beliefs.

Other Christians are choosing this alternative because they simply cannot afford health insurance; yet, do not qualify for state or federal government assistance. In some cases they do qualify for these services, yet decide to refuse them. Since they need to find an alternative to a traditional plan, they want to go with one that assists fellow Christians in need of medical services who carry the same beliefs.

There are different types of Christian health insurance available. One is through a Christian health insurance company. This type of company offers policies with monthly premiums and co-pays; but, only includes Christian providers who agree to practice medicine in a particular way. This may mean excluding procedures, medications, and alternative treatments. Christians may feel more comfortable going with this type of company.

Health Insurance and the Book of Psalms

The other alternative is referred to as Psalm Health Insurance. This is based on the Biblical book of Psalms that speaks often about God caring for people’s physical needs, as well as people caring for one another’s needs. Psalm insurance is not an insurance policy or offered through an insurance company. You can not find a doctor or go to a hospital and say that you have Psalm insurance. It is instead, a sharing needs concept that is run by an organization.

Christian Critics of Psalms Health Insurance

Many Christians who are critics of the Psalms Health Insurance approach make the case that Christians are commanded to be good stewards of their time and money and to care for their family as best as they can and that God can use health insurance company’s to protect his children just like banks or any other number of organizations that Christians rely on on a daily basis.

How to Join a Psalms Health Insurance Plan

Here is what you need to do to join a Psalms modeled health insurance company. Individuals who are interested in becoming part of a Psalm insurance system must pass a credit check, criminal background check, and reference check. It does not mean that someone will be denied if they don’t pass one of these checks, but a decision is based on the overall results. For example, if a criminal action occurred in the past, you may still qualify.

Once you are approved, you join a network of other individuals. When you have a medical bill whether a $20 bill or a $10,000 bill, you submit it to the organization. The organization then sends a letter to a number of its members asking them to each contribute a certain amount towards the bill. The money is sent directly to the individual who then cashes the checks and pays the bill. The individual then reports back to the company who paid them and the amounts.

Each member has a pre-set maximum amount that they will pay throughout a calendar year. Members can exit the plan at their own choosing once their yearly contribution is made. The only exception to this is if a member did not receive any money during the year. If this is the case, you can quit at any time. So essentially, Christians are paying one another’s medical bills.

There is a carefully set up system of checks and balances. If you don’t send a check when you are supposed to you will be dropped as a member unless you have made arrangements with the organization. If you fraudulently present a medical claim, you will be dropped and reported to law enforcement. If you send a check that bounces, the organization will pay the amount plus fees and you will be responsible to pay the company back.

There are several organizations that use a Psalm health system and each company varies in its regulations and eligibility requirements. Before joining this type of system, be sure to thoroughly investigate the organization and make sure they have a clear cut system of checks and balances and offer true comprehensive coverage (imagine the horror if you or your family member developed an expensive illness like cancer that costs hundreds of thousands of dollars to treat and yet the Psalms health organization only offered annual payments of up to $50,000 or some other very low amount). Some organizations have monthly membership fees as well. You can check a company’s creditability through the Better Business Bureau or a financial rating company.

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