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Prudential Health Insurance Company

The Prudential Health Insurance Company offers a number of financial products to consumers, including group life and disability plans. People also look to Prudential Health Insurance when they want to buy long term care insurance and many other types of financial products.

Learn some of the facts about this popular provider, and then compare their policies with others you are considering. While a Prudential health plan may not be the best choice for everyone it is important to learn all that you can about choosing health insurance providers so that you can make the best choice for your specific situation.

Read the Prudential review, take a look at the reviews of Prudential Health Insurance left below the article by customers of Prudential, and then enter your zip code into the side of this page to compare quotes from many different health insurance companies.

Prudential Insurance: History

The Prudential has been in business since 1875. It was started by John Fairfield Dryden in New Jersey. The company’s first office was located in a basement, and it focused on offering life insurance to working class customers. The first product was called Industrial Insurance, and it provided coverage for funeral and burial expenses. Premiums were very inexpensive in today’s terms; a customer could get a policy for as low as $.03 per week.

Over the next few years, the company’s customer base expanded to serve new customers in New York City and Philadelphia. Sales soon reached the $1 million mark, and the company reached a milestone when the one-millionth policy was sold in 1885. It seems fitting that John Dryden was the person who bought it.

Today, Prudential has adopted the Rock of Gibraltar as a symbol to represent the company. The company employs more than 41,000 people in 37 countries and territories around the world. As of June 30, 2009, Prudential had $580 billion in assets under management.

Prudential Life Insurance

Prudential’s life insurance products include term insurance and permanent products. Term insurance is an economical choice for people who want to put insurance coverage in place to protect the people they love. The money is bought to replace income and can be used to pay down a mortgage or other debts, child care expenses, or set up a college fund for dependent children. Since the insurance coverage is in place for a set time, it is less expensive than buying permanent life insurance.

Universal life insurance is a coverage choice that provides long-term life insurance coverage. Prudential offers products with flexible premium options, including ones that allow the policyholder to accumulate a cash value as part of their insurance coverage. This investment is not guaranteed, but the interest paid will be at a competitive rate.

This company also offers survivorship insurance. This type of policy insures the lives of two people and doesn’t pay out the death benefit until both of them have passed away. This choice is most often bought for people who are interested in preserving wealth.

Prudential Long Term Care Insurance

Long term care insurance is a popular product offered by Prudential. This type of coverage is used to help defray the costs of receiving care in a nursing home or in the policyholder’s own home. Since you are using today’s dollars to buy a certain level of coverage, you will want to make sure that the policy you choose increases the level of benefits paid annually due to inflation or the right to request a benefit increase in the policy without having to provide updated medical information to the insurer.

Some policies will cover a set percentage of reasonable expenses for home or nursing home care, and if you are considering one of them, be sure that you understand what the insurance company considers “reasonable.” You might be surprised at their definition of reasonable.

Premiums for long term care insurance are based on the applicant’s age and other factors. Not everyone who needs to be cared for in a long term care facility is elderly; they also provide services to people who have become ill or injured in an accident. The best time to buy a long term care insurance policy is when you are young and relatively healthy.

Prudential Disability Insurance

Prudential also offers short term and long term disability insurance in group plans. These products provide financial assistance when an employee is unable to work, while helping them to get the services they need to smooth the way to back to the workplace efficiently. Employers can also access absence management plans to help when an employees must be away for reasons like a death in the family or because they have been called for military service.

Compare Prudential Health Insurance Quotes!

The Prudential Health Insurance Company provides a number of coverage options designed to meet the needs of its customers. No two people or companies are the same, and a respected company like the Prudential can recommend the right products to meet your needs. You can get a quote for insurance products like life insurance, long term care insurance, health insurance, disability insurance, and more by clicking on the insurance quote tool at the top of this page. There is no fee attached to this simple box. Why don’t you click on it to get started comparing health insurance providers right now?

One Comment to “Prudential Health Insurance Company”

  1. Lauray Cammarato Desimone says:

    “My Husband was an agent with Prudential for 35 years and a top agent for the company. We have all of our insurance thru Prudential. After his death, Prudential has made so many mistakes. They continue to torture our family.

    Today I received a letter in the mail stating they will not cover our health benefits any longer (it’s been 2 years)and they would like me to pay them back all of the money they paid for our health benefits. We have 81,000.00 in an account that my husband earned called an RMSA to pay for these benefits.

    In addition to that originally they promised to help me with my husband’s book of business. They then sold it to his brother. His brother never paid for the business and no one will take responsibility to help us recover the funds. I have spent over 80,000.00 in legal fees.

    Prudential doesn’t care! If they don’t care about their employees can they really care about their clients!!”


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