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Providian Health Insurance Company

Interested in finding out about Providian Health Insurance Company and Aegon USA, Inc. and what types of products this organization offers? When looking into the various health insurance plans available and trying to determine what company and plan will best meet your needs, it is helpful to gather some background information on the company.

A stable and reliable company whose approach to your care is in line with your own will most likely help you feel comfortable with your choice of provider. It is also important to get a clear vision what their plans cover. Finally, performing a price comparison will allow you to rest in the knowledge that you got the best price for your health insurance policy. By considering the information on Providian Health Insurance Company below, along with that of other insurers, you can make the best choice possible.

Read through this Providian Insurance review, take a look at the reviews of Providian Health Insurance left by customers of Providian at the bottom of this page, and then use the free quote shopping tool on the right side of this page to find and compare top health insurance providers.

Aegon USA Inc.

Providian Health Insurance Company sold their operations to Aegon USA, Inc. in September of 2009. Aegon USA, Inc. is the United States’ branch of its Dutch father company Aegon NV. Aegon USA, Inc.’s strategy is to have profitable growth and diversify corporate investments while assuming acceptable risk. Their subsidiaries include Monumental Life, Transamerica Life, Western Reserve Life, Stonebridge Casualty and Stonebridge Life Insurance Companies.

Insurance Plans Available

Through these subsidiaries Aegon USA, Inc. provides annuities, mutual funds, accident and health insurance, cancer and long term care policies, and whole, term and universal health insurance policies. Because of the recent nature of the acquisition of Providian Health Insurance Company’s health insurance products, the details regarding what these plans will look like under the Aegon USA, Inc. name is unclear.

Aegon USA, Inc. provides accident, cancer and life insurance through Monumental Life Insurance. Their accidental death and injury policy can include an optional emergency medical benefit rider. When the rider coverage is combined with the accidental death and injury policy, the plan will provide benefits in the event of accidental death, accidental injury, loss of vision and or limb, out-patient services, hospital stays, and ambulatory services.

Aegon USA, Inc. has two cancer plans, provided by Monumental Life insurance, Cancer Expense and Cancer Check. The Cancer Expense plan provides benefits that are paid directly to the policy holder and covers specific expenses that occur when a patient needs cancer treatment. These expenses include specified inpatient, outpatient, and medical expenses. This product is guaranteed renewable; however, rates are subject to change. Riders are available at an extra cost that can extend coverage to children and spouses.

Cancer Check provides a lump sum benefit directly to the insured person in the event that they are diagnosed with internal cancer. Cancer Check policies are issued with benefit values from $5,000 to $50,000. The premiums on Cancer Check policies are fixed and are determined by the level of coverage you choose. The availability of these cancer plans can vary depending on the state in which you reside, your age and benefit level.

Aegon USA, Inc. also provides whole, term and interest-sensitive life insurance policies. These policies are again provided by Monumental Life Insurance. Term life insurance is designed for those who want to provide for their family in the event of their death but do not have large amounts of discretionary money to set aside. These policies will pay death benefits if the covered individual dies during the specified period of the policy. These benefits can be fixed or decrease over the term of the policy depending on the type of policy purchased. The benefits can be used to pay off a mortgage, pay for your children’s education, replace income, pay off debts, and pay for burial expenses.

Whole Life Insurance

Monumental Life Insurance also issues whole life insurance for Aegon USA, Inc. Their whole life insurance policies provide death benefits, cash values and premiums. The plan will pay the face value of the policy to the policyholder’s family in the event of their death. This type of policy also covers the insured their entire lifetime and will accrue tax exempt monies that can be used in the form of loans for business opportunities or emergencies. These funds can also be converted from life insurance into lifetime income if needed. The plans are offered with a variety of payment schedules and riders that allow each policyholder to shape their policy specifically to their needs.

In conjunction with Aegon USA, Inc. Monumental Life also offers two interest sensitive life insurance policies. Interest sensitive life insurance policies are whole life policies that allow for current or excess interest to be credited to the account thereby making the cash value or death benefit of the policy increase at a faster rate.

Financial Strength Ratings

As of April 2009, AM Best downgraded Aegon’s USA operations financial strength rating from A+ Superior to A Excellent. AM Best also changed their insurer credit rating for their primary life and health subsidiaries from aa to a+. Their financial strength is reported stable, but their insurer credit rating is considered to be negative. The downgrades are largely the result of changes in the market value of holdings in 2008. This is one of several criteria you will want to consider when looking at various health insurance providers.

Compare Providian Health Insurance Quotes

Maybe you are interested in purchasing a health insurance policy from Providian / Aegon USA, Inc or maybe you have decided to consider what some of their competitors have to offer. Either way you can get free health insurance rate quotes from a number of different insurers by using the rate quote tool above. The rate quotes you will receive, the histories and ratings of each provider, and how well they meet your needs will guide your decision. Start with just a zip code and you are on your way to the perfect policy, for you.

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  1. Wynne Loveless says:

    We had Providian years ago through our large corporation, and ALWAYS HAD GREAT SERVICE AND COVERAGE! Aetna and BCBS could learn a LOT from Providian! Wish we had you back!


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