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Priority Health Insurance Company

Dino Christoforakis
Dino Christoforakis

Editor in Chief & Licensed Insurance Agent.

The Priority Health Insurance Company was founded in 1996 when Lakeshore HMO and Butterworth HMO merged to create a new organization. With a focus on offering Michigan residents affordable yet comprehensive health insurance, Priority Health Insurance Company decided to take their growth slowly at first so that they could provide excellent care to all of their customers.

Since then, Priority Health Insurance Company has grown with over half a million individuals who this coverage and nearly 8,000 employers who have chosen Priority Health Insurance Company as their provider.

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Priority Health Insurance Network Coverage

Priority health insurance is only available in Michigan, although they are nationally recognized and regularly awarded by national companies who see the value in their plans. This coverage can be purchased in any of the 65 Lower Michigan counties and they continue to grow quickly in East Michigan. They have offices in Farmington Hills, Grand Rapids, Holland, Jackson, Kalamazoo, and Traverse City. It is the goal of Priority to continue to expand and to add more offices throughout the counties that they represent.

Cost of Healthcare Calculator

The objective of Priority Health Insurance Company is that every one of their customers understands not only the need for health insurance, but also the need to get healthy as well. As such, Priority offers a link on their website that allows you to view the average cost in Michigan for a variety of different services such as emergency room care, (which they also break down into types of emergency room services, such as having an asthma attack or a car accident). They also include the average cost of care for diabetes, heart disease and more.

Priority Group Health Plans

Priority’s focus is on employer-funded health insurance, although they do offer a few state funded plans for low-income families and children without health insurance. Priority offers three options for employers to choose with their health plan choices. These are: HealthybyChoice Incentives, PriorityHSA and PriorityHRA packages.

HealthybyChoice Incentives offers two levels of coverage for the plans chosen, which are called Standard or Choice plans. Standard offers the same deductibles and co pays as lined out in their plans. However, for individuals who are healthy or get healthy, the Choice plan reduces the amount of co pays, deductibles and reduces the cost of the health care, which benefits both the employer and the employee.

PriorityHSA offers a health savings account with a high deductable plan and employees contribute to their accounts. Conversely, the PriorityHRA plan offers a high deductable plan with an account that employers contribute money into in order to help employees with their health care costs.

Priority’s group plans include PriorityPPO, PriorityPOS, PriorityHMO and PriorityMedicare. The PriorityPPO plan offers employees their choice of doctors in or out of the PPO network and includes benefits such as lower out of pocket expense, deductable options to lower premium costs, low co pays and 100% coverage for all preventative care such as mammograms, vaccinations, physicals and more.

The PriorityPOS plan offers a unique option to users. They offer a two level plan for you to choose from. You can choose from in the network or out of the network, but you choose up front. Your premiums are higher if you choose out of the network; however, co pays, etc. stay the same because you are paying for the difference of the plan up front rather than when you make a visit to your doctor. You can switch to an in-network doctor at any time, you simply have to inform Priority of the change and you can switch to the different cost level.

Priority offers one of the most unique HMO plans in the insurance industry because their PriorityHMO plan does something that most HMO plans do not. Priority allows you to see a specialist without a doctor’s referral. The only catch is that the specialist has to be in the network as well. Most HMOs require a referral from the primary care physician and an approval from the insurance company, but that is not the case with this Priority plan. In addition, the HMO plan covers you anywhere in the world for emergency care, something else that is unique with an HMO plan.

Additional insurance options offered by Priority Health Insurance Company are PriorityFSA, PriorityDental, PriorityDisability, PriorityVision, and COBRA. These riders can be added at additional cost to any of the health insurance plans available.

Priority Individual Health Plans

The healthcare plans for individuals are limited at Priority Health Insurance Company. They offer PriorityMedicare, PriorityMedicare Value, PriorityMedicare Plus, PriorityMedicare RX, PriorityMedicaid and MIChild health insurance. These plans are government funded and the cost and services only vary slightly, with the exception of MIChild. MIChild is a plan for children with working parents who do not receive health insurance benefits through their place of employment. This affordable plan is $10 per month per family based on income limitations set by the government.

Priority Health Community Involvement

Local community is very important to Priority Health Insurance Company and they work very hard to raise awareness in the community about obesity, cancer, asthma and more. They also provide scholarships to local colleges of $1,000 each and sponsor bike races with prize money to the winner ($20,000 in 2008).

Priority Health Awards

Many awards have been presented to Priority Health Insurance Company and they are recognized year after year for the quality of their HMO, PPO and POS plans. US News & World said that they had the nations top health plans, while MAHP has honored them several years in a row for their Asthma Management Program. They have also been named the 11th in the nation for the finest HMO plan by the National Committee for Quality Assurance. The National Research Corporation named them the number one quality leader and they were named in America’s top 40 HMOs in 1998 (they had the prestige of being the only Michigan insurance company named on that list). In fact, Priority receives rewards year after year that are far too numerous to name here.

Compare Priority Health Insurance Quotes

As an employer, Priority Health Insurance Company offers you many quality services and benefits for choosing them as your company’s health insurance company. However, they are not the only health insurance company available in Michigan (and if you are a national company, you may want to choose a health insurance company that offers insurance nationwide).

Being in the market for health insurance means making careful choices, which includes shopping around for the best rates and the best company. Using the free quote tool found at the top of this page will give you the ability to compare the rates of competent and sound companies that offer the type of insurance that you need.

Take a minute or two and fill out the questionnaire to get your no obligation quotes. Perhaps Priority Health Insurance Company is the right one for you. Or maybe it is one of the many other quality health insurance companies that will provide you with everything that you want from an insurance company. You get to make that choice, as you as you enter your zip code. Get started comparing health insurance providers today!

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