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Oxford Health Insurance Company

Oxford Health Insurance Company is a managed healthcare company. The organization provides medical benefit plans to over 1.5 million people primarily located in New York, New Jersey, New Hampshire, Pennsylvania, and Connecticut.

Though the company mainly focuses on managed health care plans, they also offer coverage for qualifying Medicare and Medicaid recipients. With a variety of plans available, Oxford has become a top company in the east.

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Oxford Health Plans: History

Oxford was started by a young entrepreneur named Stephen Wiggens 25 years ago. This was just about the time that managed health care was spreading across the United States. Managed care programs had yet to begin in the New York area, so Wiggens teamed up with a doctor he knew and began Oxford Health in New York City. By 1987, Oxford was generating over $5 million a year in premium payments. Three years later, Oxford was named the second most profitable HMO in New York and has continued to grow in revenue every year since.

Oxford Health Company‚Äôs quick and sustained growth is attributed to Wiggens’ leadership and compassion. Having witnessed the poor care his college roommate received after being paralyzed in an accident inspired Wiggens’ business ideals. He founded Oxford on the ideas of affordable, quality care with patient input being the major deciding factor of treatment plans and benefits offered through various plans. He believes in managing what the patients most need.

On July 29th of 2004 Oxford Health Plans announced its merger with UnitedHealth Group. Click here to read the full review of United Healthcare.

Oxford Health Insurance Network

As an Oxford member, you have access to a large network of providers. This includes over 450,000 physicians throughout the United States. You also have access to the best hospitals including New York Presbyterian, North Shore, Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital and Yale/New Haven. No referrals are needed to see a specialist and members can access healthcare advice from registered nurses 24 hours a day seven days a week.

Oxford Freedom Plan Direct

Oxford Health offers many distinct plans for health care coverage. For families, the Freedom Plan Direct allows for one free physical per year for adults. For children, required well-child visits are covered as well as immunizations. Preventive care and emergency services are provided for as well as dental care. You must use an in-network doctor under this plan. Co-pays range from $30-50 per visit with a deductible of $2,000.

Under the Freedom Plan Direct, there is also an in-network co-insurance of 80% up to $10,000 pay by the company. For out of network providers, 60% up to $10,000 is paid by Oxford. This plan has a hospital inpatient and outpatient deductible and co-insurance. For pharmacy coverage, the plan covers $15 or 50% of prescription costs with 2 deductibles required.

Oxford Exclusive Plan Metro

The next plan offered through Oxford is the Oxford Exclusive Plan Metro. This plan is for sole proprietors who live in New York City. This plan offers the same coverage as the Freedom Plan Direct but has slightly lower co-pays. The deductible is only for in network providers and Oxford pays 90% of co-insurance up to $10,000. There is a deductible and coinsurance for hospital care and a $15 or 50% payment plan on prescriptions.

Oxford Group Health Plans

For employer groups, Oxford offers prepackaged benefits to employers with over 50 employees in their business. These are prepackaged, but individuals can purchase riders or supplemental coverage if they have specific insurance needs not met under a prepackaged plan. These plans include: preventive care, dental services, vision benefits, health discounts, and more. Prepackaged plans are not traditional health care plans, but do allow employers to offer their employees a variety of benefits.

Oxford Health Bonus Membership

Beyond health care plans, Oxford also offers a wide range of services to assist their members in living a healthy life. With Oxford, you can become a Health Bonus Member and receive discounts on different services that are part of a healthy lifestyle. Members received discounts on various healthy living magazine subscriptions and stores. Discounts are also available on fitness memberships, fitness stores, and fitness equipment.

For pregnancy and parenthood, Oxford Health Bonus Members receive access to pregnancy guides and classes, infant care classes, and tips on teaching nutrition to kids. For weight loss, members receive discounts at several weight loss groups and publications as well as overall health care assistance such as dealing with diabetes or allergies.

Oxford offers its members easy access to information on line such as exam reminders, maternity educations, preventive care tips, assistance in smoking cessation, and health and wellness tips. Also available on line is pharmacy coverage through an online pharmacy, mail order program, and a covered prescription drug list.

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3 Comments to “Oxford Health Insurance Company”

  1. Lucia Oswald says:

    My company just changed medical insurance companies to Oxford liberty. I find the network inadequate and slim in comparison to others, costs in deductibles and out of pocket expenses unreasonably high. Plan is terrible.

  2. Kim says:

    United Health Care Oxford is a terrible insurance. I met their deductible and still they won’t pay my doctor or hospital bills. They lie about their prescription plans tiers and make changes to your plan without telling you. Don’t use them

  3. Mary says:

    “They are the worst insurance company.

    Tried to get out of paying for my surgery even after they had pre-approved it. Laws in NJ protect them more than the consumer. I paid premiums for 8 years and hardly ever went to the doctor. Had one small surgery and they would not pay.

    Still fighting with them! DON’T use them.”


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