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Nationwide Health Insurance Company

Nationwide Health Insurance Company, which is known as Nationwide, offers life insurance, property insurance, specialty insurance, and vehicle insurance. Although it is not a true major medical health insurance company, Nationwide does offer specialty health, liability, and travel insurance for individuals and businesses.

Furthermore, Nationwide Health Insurance Company offers a range of health care coverage for the pet members of your family. No matter whether you are looking for pet health insurance or you are looking for specialty health insurance it is important to shop around and compare rates from top companies.

Read this Nationwide Health Insurance review, take a look at some of the reviews of Nationwide Insurance left by customers of Nationwide at the bottom of this page, and then shop for health insurance quotes from top healthcare insurance providers by using the tool on the side of this page.

History of Nationwide Insurance

Nationwide started out in 1925 as The Ohio Farm Bureau Federation, selling auto insurance to Ohio famers. In 1928 it expanded to Delaware, Maryland, North Carolina, Vermont, and West Virginia. When it started selling policies in 1955 in more than 20 states across the United States, it changed its name to Nationwide Insurance. With headquarters in Central Ohio, it opened the Nationwide Arena in 2000 for the National Hockey League, the Columbus Blue Jackets. With a range of “A” ratings from A.M. Best, Moody’s, and Standard & Poor’s, Nationwide remains strong in its financial backings. Keeping true to its “Nationwide is on your side” slogan, it preaches diversity and inclusion with a strong code of ethics, it offers various grants to community-minded organizations, and it provides several not-for-profit organizations with numerous volunteered hours and dollars.

Travel Insurance

Not all major medical policies extend coverage to you when you are traveling overseas. International Travel Medical Insurance is available to provide benefits that are similar to a typical health plan for those times when you travel internationally. It will cover accidental death, accidental disabilities, accidental injuries, illness, and medical evacuation. All plans include dental coverage, hospitalization, intensive care, and outpatient care. The plans also include coverage for your bags if they become lost or delayed. You can also receive benefits for lost luggage and emergency medical situations through Trip Cancellation Insurance, which can help recover some of your investment in the event that your trip gets cancelled, delayed, or interrupted.

Travel Accident Insurance covers all travel related deaths as well as travel related loss of specific limbs and organs. The policy covers insured members whether they are the driver, the passenger, a pedestrian, a fare paying rider on public transportation, or a passenger on a commercial plane. Coverage is annual and costs less than a penny a day.

Business Travel Accident Insurance provides business owners with $250,000 of Accidental Death and Dismemberment coverage per employee that is traveling on business. It covers most domestic and international travels and pays benefits regardless of other insurance plans such as worker’s compensation. Extra perks include emergency services for cash or help with lost or stolen baggage, medical assistance such as referrals and medication replacement, travel updates, and trip assistance.

Other Insurance Offered by Nationwide

Accident Medical Insurance called GrouProtector (SM) covers amateur sports, auxiliary fire fighters, auxiliary police, camps, clubs, conferences, non-residential child care recreation programs, and special events such as fund raisers, parades, and class trips. It also covers vocational and rehabilitation training programs, volunteer emergency groups, and youth groups. All participants, including the audience, are automatically covered for medical expenses that result from an accidental injury, including accidental death or dismemberment and dental injuries.

General Liability is available for anyone who owns or operates a small business, is involved with an amateur sports team, is an independent contractor, or coordinates short-term events. Since anything can happen at any time, such as a machine breaking down or a person falling on a slippery floor, general liability covers against property damage, bodily injury, or personal injury that occurs during group or business activities. The plan carries a zero deductible for liability claims and covers medical payments, legal liability, and professional liability. Coverage is available for many associations, including amateur sports teams, amateur events, concessions, exhibitors, vendors, dance schools, exercise studios, fitness instructors, gymnastic clubs, martial arts programs, short-term special events, sports instructors, youth day camps, and youth sport clinics.

Life insurance is available as Term Life, Whole Life, Universal Life, and Variable Life. All four kinds of life insurance carry a death benefit and have tax benefits, but there are distinct differences in the various plans. Term Life is a lower cost plan, but terminates after a set period of time and does not provide you access to your money. With the other plans, you have access to your money, but only Whole Life and Universal Life have guaranteed cash value. While Variable Universal Life does not have guaranteed cash value, it is the only plan that offers market participation, and along with Universal Life, it has flexible payment options.

Nationwide Pet Insurance

There are many insurance options for individuals and families, and today it is becoming more common to include family pets in the insurance coverage arena. Nationwide offers VPI Pet Insurance, which provides reimbursement for certain medical care costs for your bird, cat, dog, or other exotic pets. The average veterinary care for the cost of a dog over its lifetime is over $2,000, which comes completely out of your pocket if you don’t have pet insurance. Pet insurance can help offset some of those costs, depending on the type of plan available to you.

There are standard plans that cover surgeries and hospitalization for your cat or dog for an economical premium, or for a higher premium superior plans are available that offer maximum reimbursement for veterinary costs relating to emergencies, illnesses, injuries, and even cancer. If you want routine care and wellness checks included in the coverage, some states have an option to add this to your policy. It would cover items such as vaccines, routine exams, and medication to prevent fleas or heartworm. VPI Pet Insurance reimburses set amounts based on a benefit schedule and sends the reimbursement check directly to the pet owner. The deductible is $50 per incident and you are responsible for a 10% co-payment.

Certain conditions are not covered by pet insurance and can include pre-existing conditions, congenital disorders, and developmental defects, hereditary disorders, Anterior Cruciate Ligament (ACL) injuries that occur during the first twelve months of the policy, and any condition that is not listed on the benefits schedule, such as certain musculoskeletal, urinary, respiratory, ocular, endocrine, blood disorders, and multi-systemic conditions. Other conditions that are excluded include cosmetic procedures, the removal of anal glands, breeding related expenses, special diet related expenses, boarding costs, grooming costs, vaccine preventable diseases, behavioral problems, parasite problems, dental, and tests and treatments that are excluded or limited by the policy.

Birds can also receive insurance to cover medical treatments and operations as well as cover lab fees and medications. The VPI Avian and Exotic Pet Plan will pay up to ninety percent and allows a maximum payment of $2,000 per incident with a maximum payment of $7,000 for the term of the policy. There is a Supplemental and Routine Care Coverage rider that is available for your bird for an additional $99 per year, which could reimburse you for up to $181 of qualifying routine services, such as blood tests, fecal analysis, and nail trimming. The VPI Avian and Exotic Pet Plan also covers amphibians, chinchillas, chameleons, ferrets, geckos, goats, gerbils, guinea pigs, hamsters, hedgehogs, iguanas, lizards, mice, opossums, potbellied pigs, rats, rabbits, sugar gliders, snakes, sugar gliders, turtles and tortoises.

Compare Nationwide Health Insurance Quotes

Pet insurance needs to be considered carefully before purchasing a policy, much like when selecting your own health insurance. Whether you need individual or family insurance the above quote tool can be used as an aid in making your insurance choice. Using a rate quote tool allows you to compare policy from several great providers at once. Start comparing quotes today simply by entering your zip code above.

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  1. sergey Khachatrian says:

    Refused To Cancel My Insurance And Keeps Billing Me.

  2. Sandra Holcombe says:

    “I was informed that the plan was a part of blue cross BlueShield. It is NOT. I called the agent to cancel the policy. Amy did not. If you have to cancel these plans which are not insurance but discount plans call the companies directly.

    The agents LIE about the coverage, LIE about cancelling, and I would go further with this. It is an absolute DISGRACE the way I have been treated by this company rep. DO NOT use them.”


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