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MEGA Life and Health Insurance Company

Dino Christoforakis
Dino Christoforakis

Editor in Chief & Licensed Insurance Agent.

MEGA Life and Health Insurance Company is a subsidiary of Health Markets, Inc. an insurance company that has a large focus on affordable health insurance. Since 1985 MEGA Life and Health Insurance Company has made it their business to provide health insurance plans that are not only affordable, but are also flexible in a way that makes it possible for their consumers to add or remove any services that they want (or don’t want) so that they have exactly the kind of coverage that they want or need.

While MEGA Health Insurance plans are highly criticized by some policyholders because of the limits that are inherent in most MEGA Insurance policies it is up to you to do your research and decide if MEGA is a company that could be right for your health insurance needs.

Read this MEGA Health Insurance review, take a look at the reviews of MEGA Insurance left by customers of MEGA at the bottom of this page, and then be sure and use the free quote finder on the side of this page to compare health insurance quotes from top health insurance providers online when you are finished.

MEGA Individual Health Insurance

Rather than providing insurance for large companies, MEGA Life and Health Insurance Company focuses on those that they think need budget friendly insurance the most. This includes small businesses, families and individuals. They also focus on ensuring that their customers completely understand their insurance options by providing them with online and live services to train consumers on what type of insurance options that they have and what they may need for their family. MEGA believes that by educating their clients, they will be happier with the insurance that they purchase because they have made educated decisions in their buying process.

MEGA Health Plan Options

There are a variety of plans available at MEGA from very basic to comprehensive so that there is a plan for every budget. MEGA offers value plans, PPO plans, select plans, and optional riders to their customer base, which spans across the United States. In fact, the only state that MEGA Life and Health Insurance Company is not licensed in is New York.

Value plans are plans that offer basic medical and surgical expense coverage. If you purchase a value plan you have the option of adding on other services to expand the plan to meet your needs. If you have a small budget but need health insurance, then this value plan may be right for you. This provides the very basic in coverage but still allows you to see a doctor and receive medical help when necessary. There are also no network restrictions when selecting a value plan option.

Select plans offer catastrophic coverage for individuals. Catastrophic coverage is coverage that provides health care in case of an unexpected and debilitating health event. The great thing about this coverage is that it can be adapted to your budget needs in terms of the yearly deductable that you adopt or the maximum coverage that you receive.

Preferred Provider plans (PPO) plans at MEGA Life and Health Insurance Company are similar to many other PPO plans as they have set pre-negotiated fees for services and you must use a network of approved physicians and providers when you select this plan. MEGA, however, takes it a step further and starts with a basic PPO plan that has a higher deductible and larger co-pay for doctor’s visits. You can then customize the plan, adjusting the coverage included, how high the deductible is (or choose no deductible) and lower or increase the co-pay to make your monthly premiums something that you can afford while having insurance coverage that you can live with.

MEGA also offers optional riders to cover things that are not covered under their other plans such as pregnancy and childbirth. They also offer riders that cover accidents as well as airlift ambulance service should the absolute worst happen and an ambulance cannot get to you.

MEGA Supplemental Insurance

You can also purchase many other types of insurance from Mega Life and Health Insurance Company. As the name suggests, you can purchase life insurance as well as health insurance. They also offer dental plans, vision insurance, accident insurance, critical care insurance and cancer insurance. You can also add pharmacy coverage on any plan that you purchase, which will provide you with the most comprehensive plan possible.

Community Involvement

MEGA believes that in order to be a benefit to others they should also be a benefit to the communities that they work in. MEGA donates money to many organizations including the American Cancer Society, the Lance Armstrong Foundation, Susan G Komen for the Cure Society, Toys of Tots, Project Celebration, Project Graduation and more. They also encourage their employees to volunteer their time at these and many other organizations in their communities.

Compare MEGA Health Insurance Quotes

Selecting the best plan, provider and policy can be a challenge. Using a quote tool, like the one available on this web page, is a cost free way to get the information you need quickly and with a minimum of hassle. Once you have three or four choices in front of you with the different rates, benefits and options, it is much easier to make a wise decision.

Choosing the right health insurance company is a very important element in choosing your health insurance. You will be dependent on your health insurance company to complete your claims and pay the bills that you incur for your health care. Knowing everything that you can about the company that you are considering for your health insurance will help you make an educated decision about the company that you choose.

Make sure that you take everything that you learn into consideration before you make your health insurance choice. Compare your MEGA health insurance quotes with quotes from many top health insurance providers. Enter your zip code on the side and start now!

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