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John Alden Health Insurance Company

The John Alden Health Insurance Company is one of many providers that can help provide the medical protection you and your loved ones need. Finding a good health insurance company is important. When you are dealing with your health and the health of your family, you want the best care possible. Staying within your budget while finding excellent care is important too. Understanding some of the information and facts about John Alden Health Insurance Company can help you decide if this insurer can meet your insurance needs.

Now combined under the name Assurant Health Company, policies are sold exclusively to small businesses and individuals. Assurant has been in business for over 100 years and specializes in short term medical as well as other plans for individuals and small businesses. A variety of insurance plans are available. This variety has given Assurant a reputation of quality coverage with choices that fit different a variety of insurance needs.

All the information below on Assurant will be helpful to you if you first begun your search for information on the John Alden Health Insurance Company. Read the reviews of John Alden Health Insurance at the bottom of the page left by past customers of John Alden, read this quick summary of Assurant (click here to read the full review of Assurant), and then use the free health insurance quote tool on the side of the page to find and compare quotes from top health insurance providers online.

John Alden Health Insurance: History

John Alden Health Insurance Company was founded in 1961 with the goal of providing the best care possible for its members. Through the years they have shown their commitment to their customers by providing excellent customer service and quality medical care. In 1998, seeing the opportunity for a better, larger company, John Alden became part of Assurant Health. This merger resulted in one of the largest independent health care companies in the United States.

Type of Assurant Plans

Assurant offers a low cost individual health insurance plan called Individual Medical. This plan is ideal for those who are self-employed, work part time, are retired and waiting for Medicare to begin, are unemployed, or do not have coverage from an employer. Coverage under these plans starts at $120 per month for an individual or $249 a month for a family. The Individual Plan has an $8 million maximum benefit over a lifetime.

If you like to travel, this plan is a good choice. Coverage is available 24 hours a day and around the world, you don’t need a referral to see a specialist and your rate is guaranteed not to increase over your first year of coverage. This means that whatever rate you are given when you sign your policy will remain in effect for a full year.

Another option offered by Assurant is a Health Savings Account. These accounts allow you or your employer to deposit pre-tax dollars that can then be used for qualifying medical expenses. Assurant Health Savings Accounts roll over year after year so you do not lose your money. Once you turn 65 you can withdraw and use your money for any purpose. It does not need to be for medical expenses at this time.

Assurant is on the cutting edge when it comes the Health Savings Accounts. You are able to withdraw funds as soon as you need them. You can apply these funds towards your deductible. Funds can also be used for prescription or non-prescription medication. You can use your funds to purchase long-term care insurance. You can also manage your Assurant Health Savings Account online so it is quick and easy.

For small businesses with 2-50 employees, Assurant offers Small Group Health Insurance. This coverage is called Real Choices Major Medical. Through this plan employers can offer employees a great medical plan without spending too much of their budget on employee health care. The Real Choices Plan offers coverage for preventive care such as screenings and pre-cancer testing so that further medical intervention may not be necessary.

The Real Choice Plan also does not require members to get a referral before going to a specialist so that wait time is reduced. The company also offers an independent advocacy service. This is in the form of customer service on the phone, on line, or in person. This advocate will help employees understand their benefits and answer any questions at any time. If traveling is part of your job, this plan also offers worldwide coverage for emergencies. This is a great plan to offer employees.

If a full medical plan is too expensive for a company to provide, Assurant offers the Affordable Health Access Plan. This plan is affordable to employers and employees. The plan is modestly priced so that even the smallest of businesses can offer employees some type of benefits. Doctor’s visits, prescriptions, preventive care, and immunizations are all covered as well as some aspects of hospitalization. Though not a major medical plan, it does cover the basics of medical care.

Compare Assurant Health Insurance Quotes

While you can’t compare John Alden health insurance quotes because John Alden is now Assurant you can certainly get started comparing quotes from Assurant and many other top companies online. If you aren’t sure if Assurant is right for you, you should shop around and compare. We have a comparison tool on this page that you can use right now to compare rates and quotes from top companies. This will help arm you with the information you need to make a health insurance decision for yourself, your family, or your company. Do it now!

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