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Is it possible to find cheap college health insurance?

Young Woman Seeks Cheap College Student Health Insurance OnlineNowadays, most colleges and universities require each student be covered by health insurance. If a student is not covered by their own health insurance, then the school will enroll them in their own health insurance plan. While having health insurance is nonnegotiable, being able to choose how much you want to spend should be. Finding your own student health insurance could prove to be more cost effective than being enrolled in your schools insurance.

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According to the University of Michigan, all students should have health insurance while attending college. The University wants to ensure their students are healthy and if they fall ill will have the proper insurance coverage to get their medical needs met fast.

Can I stay on my parent’s health insurance plan when in college?

Many college students stay on their parent’s health insurance to avoid the additional cost of paying for their own insurance. The Affordable Care Act of 2010 has made it possible for young adults to stay on their parent’s health insurance plan until they are 26.

However, this can be problematic for those who have health maintenance organization (HMO) coverage. If you’re a student living away from where you’re parent’s are, there might not be full coverage in your college’s town.

This can also be the case for those health insurance policies that have preferred provider organization (PPO). These plans usually have you receive treatment from a physician in your already determined network. Insurance companies do this to get the best rates. If you’re far from home, you may not be covered.

However, if there is an emergency and you do have to make an emergency room visit, these health insurance plans are required to cover costs in emergency situations.

What are some other health insurance options for students?

If you are no longer working and are not eligible for coverage by your parent’s insurance, you can always look into COBRA. COBRA is a gap insurance that, by federal law, allows you 18 consecutive months of health insurance. You do have to pay a full premium, which is not cheap.

There is always the option of purchasing the school’s health insurance. Most offer a great group plan that can be less than individual plans. However, that all depends on the school.

While most schools do offer health insurance, there are those that do not. You can look into individual health insurance when this is the case. These, however, can be expensive and most companies will evaluate your health before offering you coverage.

Those with pre-existing conditions have challenges with purchasing individual health insurance. Most companies will not offer coverage. This will change as of January 1, 2014. Companies will no longer be allowed to refuse insurance to anyone with pre-existing conditions.

If you or your family is low income, or you are disabled then you may qualify for Medicaid. Each state has its own eligibility requirements. Go to your state’s insurance department website to find information on Medicaid and see if you qualify. Medicaid would be a very inexpensive option for students who need health insurance, but can’t afford the premiums.

If you don’t qualify for Medicaid, there are other state run programs in which you might be eligible. Another option would be to apply for your state’s health insurance pool. Most states have special health plans specifically for those who do not qualify for Medicaid, but can’t foot the bill for individual health insurance. This state program also provides coverage for those who are high-risk and cannot find an individual health insurance to cover them.

Where can I go if I don’t have insurance but need medical treatment?

For those who do not have insurance or are in between coverage there are some options if you need medical treatment. Most cities and some rural areas have community health centers that are federally qualified.

What these community health centers do is provide those without medical insurance health services. They also have sliding fee scales that are based on income making it a cost effective alternative.

The health services they provide are the following:

  • Prenatal care
  • Treatments for sicknesses
  • Care for children
  • Checkups
  • Substance abuse treatment
  • Mental health treatment
  • Immunizations

Many community health centers also offer dental services or dental clinics for those who don’t have dental insurance. Many provide pharmacies right in their buildings as well.

Finding inexpensive health insurance for college can be time consuming and frustrating. To help with this process, you can compare and contrast health insurance quotes right on this website!