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Infinity Health Insurance Company

The Infinity Health Insurance Company specializes in low cost coverage for individuals and groups. Coverage options for people looking for health insurance from Infinity include medical and dental benefits. The company markets its products to people who are focused on keeping premiums down, as well as those looking for temporary insurance coverage.

Other potential Infinity customers include first-time health insurance buyers who are no longer covered under their parents’ health insurance. If you need a company for your health insurance coverage, Infinity is one possibility.

Read this Infinity Health Insurance review, search through the reviews of Infinity Insurance left by customers at the very bottom of this page, and then enter your zip code into the box on the side of this page to compare quotes from the top health insurance providers in your area.

History of Infinity Health Insurance

Infinity has been in business since 1994 and operates as an administrator of health insurance plans. The company’s head office is located in Huntington, on Long Island, New York. Infinity processes claims from a number of companies, including American Millennium Insurance Company, Infinity Partnership Clients, Lloyds of London, and All Health-Flex Products.

Infinity Health-Flex 365 Plan

The Infinity Health-Flex 365 Plan is a guaranteed-issue product. All applicants are accepted into the plan. With its large network of over 500,000 heath care providers, Plan members have a lot of choice in which practitioners they consult for their care. Along with doctors, members can see therapists, social workers, psychologists, and chiropractors.

Prescription drugs are also covered under the Health-Flex 365 Plan. Members pay a discounted price for their medications plus a set dispensing fee. Name brand and generic drugs are covered.

Dental coverage is also included for Plan members. There is no limit to the number of services they can access under the plan. The company has negotiated flat rates for different services, so that Plan members know exactly what their portion (if any) of the cost will be.

Infinity Health-Flex 55 Plan

Consumers who choose the Infinity Health-Flex 55 Plan get their prescription medications at a discount. This is another guaranteed issue plan offered by the company. Brand name and generic drugs are included and subscribers are charged a set dispensing fee for each purchase.

This plan also includes dental and vision coverage. The dental plan is similar to the one available with the Health-Flex 365 Plan. The vision portion of the plan means that members get a discount from participating opticians. Always be certain to check on coverage with providers for things like vision and dental, rather than assuming they take your coverage. Even national chains like LensCrafter don’t accept all insurers. Ask when you schedule an appointment.

Infinity Health-Flex DDS

This coverage option is available to individuals and groups alike. This guaranteed issue plan is available to consumers in all states. It offers dental and vision coverage to subscribers.

The dental portion of the plan gives plan members access to a network of thousands of dentists. They can change dentists at any time without having to pay any additional fees. This plan includes dental checkups and cleanings, along with orthodontic care. Parents are likely to want this option to cover the high cost of braces.

Healthy New York Plus

This coverage option is available to individuals, as well as groups of between two and 50 people. It’s ideal for small businesses that want to provide health insurance benefits to their employees. It includes inpatient hospital care, as well as outpatient services. Preventive health services, such as checkups, are covered. If a plan member requires emergency treatment then they are covered.

Maternity care is another covered service. If you think you might have a child in the next few years then this type of coverage is essential, yet not covered by many plans. In the case of a subscriber needing surgery, they are covered, along with the cost of up to 30 post-surgical visits for physical therapy. X-rays are part of the menu of services covered. This plan even covers up to $3,000 in prescription drugs per year for each subscriber.

The Healthy New York Plus plan does not cover the cost of mental health services, addiction counseling or hospice care. Ambulance services, dental, and vision care are not covered, but plan members are entitled to a discount on the cost.

Plan members have access to a 24-hour health line where they can get answers to their questions from a registered nurse. This valuable resource is available when subscribers need help in an emergency or when they want to discuss general concerns. This is a widely comprehensive plan for those who need it.

Health-Flex Plus

The Infinity Health-Flex Plus offers full coverage for hospital care to plan members. The coverage includes nursing care, surgery, chemotherapy, radiation, and maternity care. Emergency room treatment is also covered. Visits to doctors and the cost of laboratory tests are billed at an in-network rate. No referrals are necessary of a subscriber wants to visit a specialist.

Prescription medications are included in the plan. Subscribers pay a discounted rate for the drugs, plus a dispensing fee. Dental coverage is included in the plan, along with a discount offered at participating opticians.

Who Should Use Infinity

As outlined above, Infinity offers a wide variety of plans so that consumers can find one that meets there exact needs. However, this coverage is not available in every area. Also, rates with this insurer and other will vary. Before you commit to choosing any plan, you will want to look at other options. The best recommendation is to get quotes from at least 3 providers who serve your area.

When comparing the options look at your deductible, co-pay, type of plan (PPO,HMO, POS or HSA, benefits, riders and exclusion. You’ll also want to note if things like vision and dental are covered. Once you’ve made a chart or notes of these items, look at your monthly premium for the coverage.

By comparing your choices on this items, you will be able to determine which policy best meets your needs. The final step is to make sure that the company you’ve decided to do business with is a reputable provider. You can use independent online rating companies like A.M. Best or Standard & Poor’s. Using slightly different criteria, each offers a rating of the financial stability of the health insurers in this country.

Compare Infinity Health Insurance Quotes

Why don’t you take the next step and get a quote for a plan that offers benefits like the ones offered by the Infinity Health Insurance Company? The free insurance tool on this page can help you get the valuable information. You will only enter your pertinent information once and you’ll receive multiple quotes from insurers who want your business. Click on it to get started comparing health insurance providers right away!

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  1. Ralph says:

    “They have the best plan for the money. We have saved thousands with the Health-Flex Plus.

    I wish they had more variety of plans. The plan pays Hospital 100% and doctors save about 60% of most bills, Labs save 50%, dentists save 50% not bad for a $289.00 monthly premium in 2011.”


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