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How can I keep the cost of health insurance low?

piggy bank on calculatorDespite thoughts that the healthcare debate is over, it is still ongoing with many still wondering how to keep the cost of health insurance low. Some are of the opinion that there are just too many plans and options from which to choose. Others are of the opinion that healthcare should be kept in the private sector rather than managed by the government.

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If the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act of 2010 is not the solution, who has the right answer? Meanwhile you have to cover yourself and family in the event you are faced with a medical crisis. To keep things affordable, those without employment based coverage have the choice of a traditional plan or the new plans that are emerging in the private healthcare industry.

Considering what health maintenance organizations are accomplishing, or not, many doctors, other healthcare professionals and their investors are emulating what is already available and adding their own spin. These new plans are offering new alternatives to HMO’s and PPO’s.

What are discount health insurance plans?

A discount health insurance plan offers basic medical services at a cheaper and affordable rate. These types of plans usually break out medical services such as dental and vision services. Similar prescription plans are also available at affordable rates.

The problem with many discount health insurance plans is that they are not insurance plans at all. They are simply agreed upon discount medical services established between the providers and the discount company. The providers however are not held accountable to these loose agreements, nor do they strictly honor them.

Access to discount medical services is recognized by discount cards, which is also how these programs are identified. Discount cards are tokens of many scams since these type programs are not regulated by the state. You are advised to scrutinize discount cards by asking many questions and reading the language carefully.

Do group plans keep the cost of health insurance low?

Yes, the purpose of group health insurance plans is to share the risk and cost of coverage as a group. Most health care groups are businesses and their employees. Not only does the group share the risk, the employer sometimes contribute a percentage of the cost.

Another advantage to group health care plans is the exemption from medical exams. This automatic acceptance helps many people avoid the discrimination of preexisting conditions, which are very controversial among providers. Preexisting conditions are also at the heart of the healthcare debate.

Do higher deductibles keep the cost of health insurance low?

If you are forced to finance your own healthcare, you will be well served by keeping the cost of health insurance low by increasing your deductible. The more you are willing to spend out of your own pocket, the less you will have to spend in premiums. Higher deductibles instantly shave off some of the expense.

Do health savings accounts keep the cost of health insurance low?

Experts who have analyzed the conjunction of health savings accounts, flexible spending accounts and high deductible plans say yes. The problem with this idea is coordination and the replacement process business owners face. Many employers have not been allowed to make the transition from the plans they presently have.

Health savings accounts are meant to give more financial responsibility to the consumer. The projected outcome is to bring down the cost of health care by major medical providers if the consumer pays a larger percentage. Employers pay a role as well by contributing to the flexible spending accounts of their employees.

Does self-insurance keep the cost of health insurance low for business owners?

Self-insurance has worked for many small businesses who have decided this is the way to keep their health insurance cost low. Most of them work with reinsurance companies who provide excess insurance coverage to protect the business from that bankrupting claim. Many business insurers support their clients by offering risk management and safety programs to help keep health insurance low for business owners.

Can I be more proactive in keeping the cost of health insurance low?

You can be more proactive in keeping the cost of health insurance low by being more health conscious. The complexities of health care is incentive enough for a lot of people to take better care of themselves and become more proactive in decisions made by the professionals. Online resources such as medical websites are set up to answer burning questions that linger between doctor visits.

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