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Health Insurance When Travelling to America

“To sum it up…”

  • If you are going to be traveling in America, it is a good idea to get visitor’s medical insurance
  • This type of insurance helps guard you against expensive out of pocket medical costs if you need to see a doctor or go to the hospital while you are traveling in America
  • There are several international health insurance options for those traveling to the U.S. and the benefits will vary depending on the insurance company you use
  • If you are going to be studying at an American university or staying on another type of eligible visa, you may want to purchase short term health insurance instead

Should I get visitor’s medical insurance when I travel to the United States?


Visitor’s medical insurance is a medical policy that people can get when they travel to the United States. It is only temporary. It is intended to guard you from having to pay expensive rates if you need to see a doctor or if you have to go to the hospital for a variety of reasons.

The United States does have some of the highest healthcare costs in the world so it is a good idea to look into some temporary medical insurance plans.

It is possible to buy a health insurance plan from your home country before you travel. However, the policy may be limited and you can have trouble getting everything covered. For this reason, it is a good idea to get your policy from a company based in the United States.

There is a greater chance that American medical providers will accept U.S. insurance policies as opposed to foreign ones. They also have customer support and understand the United States health system better.

Are there different types of plans and what do they cover?


There are several different types of insurance plans you can choose from including comprehensive coverage plans and limited coverage plans. The benefits may be different with each plan and the company you purchase it from.

Most plans will have deductibles that you have to meet before your coverage will kick in. In most cases, you can choose your deductible amount by paying a higher or lower premium amount.

Temporary travel insurance covers most injuries and some sicknesses that you can develop while you are away. A comprehensive plan may cover more serious medical emergencies and other services. There are services that will not be covered by any travel policy.

These typically include maternity care and childbirth, immunizations, and other preventive services. You should receive a summary of benefits that explains exactly what is covered when you enroll in your plan.

How much will temporary United States travel insurance cost?

Not all insurance plans will have the same costs and the same benefits. Keep in mind that you will not only have to pay the premium but the copayments and deductibles as well.

If you will only be in the United States for a short period of time, your insurance plan will probably charge you daily rates.

Your age, the benefits you want covered, and the amount of your deductible will all factor into the cost of your premium. Rates can start at just over $1 a day, but can certainly get much higher depending on the coverage.

Are there different plans available if I am going to be staying in America on a visa?


If you are going to be staying in America for a longer period of time on a student visa or another type of visa, you should look into short term health insurance plans. These are not the same as traveler’s medical insurance.

Short-term health insurance plans do not have to meet the Affordable Care Act regulations so they do not always cover everything a typical health insurance plan will. In most cases, you do need to be an American citizen or have an eligible visa in order to enroll in a short-term insurance plan.

Since these plans do not have to comply with the ACA guidelines, they do not have to renew your plan after it ends or cover pre-existing conditions. If you lie about a pre-existing condition on your application, your insurance company can drop you from your plan or refuse to pay for your medical services.

Short-term health insurance plans can cover you from anywhere between 30 days and several months. They are typically low cost and you can get approval quickly.

Although legal immigrants with the appropriate visas are eligible to purchase plans on the healthcare marketplace, you are not able to purchase a short term plan on the marketplace. You can get them through a private company or insurance broker.

Health Insurance When Traveling to America

If you are going to be in the United States for only a few weeks, you should get temporary traveler’s insurance from an American insurance company. If you are going to be in America on an eligible visa for less than a year, you should look into short-term health insurance.

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