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Definity Health Insurance Company

Should you choose Definity health insurance for your health insurance needs? When selecting a health insurance provider, a number of things can influence your choice. Definity Health Insurance Company’s history, philosophy and scope can be an indicator as to whether they might be a good fit for you. Having an understanding of what plans and products the company offers will be critical to deciding whether they offer the coverage you desire. You might also be interested in whether Definity Health Insurance Company has been given any awards and what their customers are saying about them. Finally, you will want to see if they offer their products at a competitive price.

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Definity Health Insurance Company: History

Definity Health Insurance Company was co-founded in 1998 by current CEO Tony Miller. In 2004, Definity merged with the UnitedHealth Group. The company is based in Minneapolis, Minnesota but provides health care coverage nationwide and has been a pioneer in consumer driven health care. Their primary customers are employers who desire to provide health care coverage for their employees. This insurer puts a strong emphasis on transparency; that means they strive to make clear to participants exactly what is and is not covered by their plan and the costs that are associated. They also try hard to educate participants with regard to preventative care and healthy life choices.

Definity Health Insurance Plans

You will find two types of plans offered by this provider. The first type is a Preferred Provider Organization Plan, commonly referred to as a PPO, and the second is a Health Reimbursement style plan. The deductibles on both plans are somewhat high but allow for lower monthly premiums. Preventative care is fully covered on both plans even before deductibles are met. Participants will be charged 10% for office visits that are within the network, and 40% for visits to out of network doctors. Doctor visits for children under the age of two are totally covered.

There are four categories of coverage within the plans outlined above. These are employee only, employee and adult, employee and children, and family. Each level of coverage has a different deductible. For the Preferred Provider Organization plan, an employee by themselves would expect to have a $1,500 deductible, whereas an employee with another adult or an employee with children would have a deductible of $2,250, and the family deductible is $3000.

Health Reimbursement Account deductibles are slightly less than those for the Preferred Provider Organization type plans. The deductible for a lone employee is $750, an employee with another adult or with children would have a deductible of $1,125 and a family can expect a deductible of $1,500.

Definity is certainly an innovator in its field and as such has managed to rack up several awards. In 2001, this company was the recipient of two notable awards. One of these awards was from the International Foundation of Employee Benefits Plans. They awarded Definity the Creative Excellence in Benefits Award which recognizes the importance, creativity, excellence and originality of innovation in employee benefits programs. The other award was an Innovators Award which was given to Definity’s CEO Tony Miller. This award is given to executives who lead industry advancement and was in recognition of his work in tailoring products to customers needs and shaping the future of the health insurance industry.

Definity Health Insurance: Awards Earned

Definity has won a number of awards some of them being the Definity Health Insurance Company received the Mercury Award and the Rising Star Award in 2002. The Rising Star Award was given to CEO Tony Miller as he made Business Insurance Magazine’s up and coming young insurance professionals to watch list. The National Business Coalition on Health awarded Definity Health Insurance Company the Mercury Award for excellence in Internet health care. This award is given to web sites that provide improved access to health related information. Websites are evaluated with regard to security, credibility, overall design, user friendliness and finally customer satisfaction.

Definity’s Fresh Perspective on Health Care

Although Definity Health Insurance Company is not on of the older and more established insurance companies, they have put a fresh perspective on their products and services that has revolutionized the health care industry. Their plans promise to provide health insurance that is more affordable and better suited the needs of today’s health insurance customer. They haven’t designed a large number of plans, but the ones that they carry are simple and straightforward. The company endeavors to increase participant’s health care knowledge so that they may be empowered to make better health care choices.

Compare Definity Health Insurance Quotes

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