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Coventry Health Insurance Company

Dino Christoforakis
Dino Christoforakis

Editor in Chief & Licensed Insurance Agent.

Incorporated in November 1986, Coventry Health Insurance Company is a growing health insurance company that has established themselves as a finically solid entity prepared to stand strong even during tough economic times. With a senior management team that has been around through the good times and bad, Coventry shows that a well-established company can exist while still providing economical health care plans and excellent customer service. Over the past twenty some odd years, Coventry has acquired 22 other insurance businesses and merged them with their own so that they could provide quality insurance to a broader base of customers.

Read through this comprehensive Coventry Health Insurance review, peruse the reviews of Coventry Health Care written by actually Coventry policy holders at the bottom of this page, and then if you are a member of Coventry’s health insurance services then consider leaving your own review of Coventry.

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Coventry Business Health Insurance Plans

Coventry offers several different health insurance options for both businesses and individuals. For businesses, they offer group health plans with a couple of different options. For small businesses with fewer than 200 employees, you have the option of purchasing fully insured plans for your company. For a fully insured plan, the employer pays Coventry directly for the services they provide their employees. The employer has the option of withholding a portion of their employees’ checks to pay for a percentage of the insurance if they prefer.

Businesses with more than 200 employees have the option of purchasing the self-funded option. This option means that while employees have insurance coverage, the employer only has to pay a monthly premium that covers administrative costs and claims made by their employees. This is a great money saving option, but is only available to large companies, while the fully insured option is available to any size company.

Plan options for businesses include HMOs, PPOs, POS plans, and Consumer-Driven FSA, HRA and HSA products. Coventry also offers worker’s compensation insurance to businesses as well.

Coventry Individual & Family Health Insurance Plans

For individual health insurance, Coventry offers insurance solutions for students, recent graduates, families, those in-between jobs, self-employed, employed individuals with no insurance and the recently retired. The rates vary for each group and your health and age will factor in to how much your premiums with Coventry will be. This is true of any insurance company, which is why it is important to always compare health insurance rates before you make a purchase. Our free quote tool at the top of the page will provide you with quotes instantly.

In a program called CoventryOne, Coventry offers levels of coverage for every budget and need. Whether you are looking for short-term insurance or major medical health insurance, Coventry offers it all. They also offer individual managed care plans such as HMOs, PPOs and Point of Service plans.

For those individuals who want more flexibility with their health insurance, Coventry also offers premium traditional plans that allow you to choose your own physician, hospital, and specialists. Choosing the right kind of plan for you and your family is an important part of buying health insurance. Speak with one of the independent agents available at the number on this page to discuss your options (with this or any provider) and what will best benefit you and your situation.

Coventry Medicare & Medicaid Plans

For those who qualify, Coventry also offers Medicaid and Medicare plans. While Medicaid is a national health care plan, Coventry contracts with local governments to provide you with local care that is more personal. If you have had negative experiences with Medicaid in the past then you probably did not have a company providing it that is dedicated to ensure all of their customers, whether they pay or not, feel like they are the only customer.

Coventry: Affordable Health Insurance Options

If you choose Coventry Health Insurance Provider as your health insurance carrier, you will be glad to know that they provide you with several options for paying your premiums. Naturally, you can pay for all of your coverage right up front; however, this is usually not an affordable option for most people.

Most people choose to pay for their health insurance through monthly premiums and Coventry provides you with the means to have your premiums withdrawn from your paycheck or withdrawn from a checking or savings account. You never have to worry about forgetting to pay your premiums with these options.

This health insurance provider is currently offering policies in 22 states and they are continuously working to get licensing in other states as they grow. Using our free quote tool or speaking to one of our independent insurance agents will help you to find out it they offer health insurance in the state where you live, or if you should look for another option.

Having health insurance is very important and can provide you with financial security. A single accident or a serious illness can cost tens of thousands of dollars. Long-term care costs even more. You do not carry health insurance because of what will happen, but because of what might happen. What might happen could end your financial well-being in a matter of days.

Free Coventry Health Insurance Quotes

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