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Continental General Health Insurance Company

The Continental General Health Insurance Company (“CGI”) offers plans for seniors, as well as to people under the age of 65. CGI has been offering general health insurance plans to customers since 1961. This company markets its products through independent agents who can help clients get the right level of coverage for their needs. Review this background on both Continental General and at least on other health insurance company before making your decision.

Read through this Continental General health insurance review, read the ratings and reviews of CGI given by actual customers of CGI at the bottom of the page, and then consider leaving your own Continental General review.

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CGI Health Insurance: Under-65 Policies

Continental General has a broad product portfolio and offers a variety of major medical insurance plans to meet the needs of customers who are under the age of 65. You have the option of selecting a health insurance plan that provides basic coverage and then adding on supplemental products, depending on your priorities and budget. Both traditional medical insurance policies and Health Savings Accounts (HSA’s) are available.

If you are interested in a traditional health insurance plan, be sure to ask the agent to explain what benefits the plan offers, and if you have coverage for inpatient and outpatient treatment. Continental offers different benefit levels to its customers. Keep in mind that you can save money on the cost of your health insurance premiums by choosing a higher deductible.

When you choose a high-deductible plan, you pay for more of the cost of your medical care yourself and present a lower risk to the insurance company for making claims against your policy. Less risk translates into lower costs for coverage, but you do need to be careful to choose a deductible level that you can afford. You will be required to pay out this amount annually before the insurance company will pay any benefits.

You can add prescription coverage to your basket of health insurance coverage. Before doing so, you need to consider how likely it is that you will need prescription medications and how much they may cost. You will want to find out about policy limitations before you commit to buy, since no health insurance plan will cover you for all types of medications.

Continental offers temporary health insurance to people who have recently graduated from college or university and are no longer covered under their parents’ health insurance plan. This coverage is also for people who are between jobs or who are waiting for their health insurance coverage to begin after starting a new one. Policies geared toward the needs of students are also available from Continental.

If you need dental coverage as well as medical insurance, Continental offers this type of coverage as well. Plans offering comprehensive coverage are available, and this company offers flexible options to its customers.

CGI Health Insurance: Plans for Seniors

Continental General offers several types of coverage for people 65 years of age and over. One example is a Medicare supplement insurance plan. The company has a number of versions that its customers can choose from.

A health insurance plan only pays for health expenses. As people get older, it’s more likely they will need care in a nursing home or assisted-living facility. Continental offers long-term care coverage for people between the ages of 40-84. Rates for this type of coverage vary, depending on the level of coverage chosen and the waiting period before benefits start.

The company offers a plan to provide short-term convalescent care benefits to subscribers. This policy covers care at a convalescent care facility, nursing home, or assisted-living facility for a limited amount of time. This type of coverage is not meant to pay benefits for the same period as a long-term care policy, and you will need to examine the policy provisions carefully before deciding to buy a policy.

Another type of health insurance coverage offered by Continental is a hospital and acute recovery care indemnity insurance plan. This policy is offered to people between the ages of 45-80 and pays benefits for up to 180 days for each stay in a hospital, long-term or assisted care facility.

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The Continental General Health Insurance Company offers several kinds of health insurance to its customers. The company believes in offering flexibility in coverage options, so that people can get the protection they need at a price they feel comfortable with. Why don’t you find out what coverage options are available to you by clicking on the free insurance tool on this page? Be sure to compare Continental General health insurance quotes online with quotes from other top health insurance companies. Get started now!

Free Health Insurance Comparison

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2 reviews

  • Eldora Hansen /
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    Could you send me the policy I have for Nursing home insurance? I have misplaced it. Thanks

  • Nathan Sady /
    • 11111
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    • 11111

    Coverage for Long-Term Health with the Continental Ins Co. proved unreliable. The patient was not afforded decent care as the people allowing insurance funds split hairs and asked redundant questions aimed at disqualifying the need for any funds. The company kept this trend up until I, the caregiver was certain they’d never be of use.

    People I hired through agencies were paid while Continental thoroughly disregarded my requests. I saw the slightest respite from caregiving, and when the time came the blessed patient was in so much pain the Odyssey House simply took her medications away, giving powerful antipsychotics, and was not seen by her doctor again. I realize Alzheimer’s patients are difficult to tend, but the promise of tending to her needs was not close to being met.

    In fact, the office staff left their previous promise for us to find somewhere else. Her treatment was nonexistent as the staff lost track of patience, and never did have a qualified person see about the pain symptoms nor was present for any of her needs. I regret having assigned her to this place that went back on their mission statement at the time, in so many ways.

    As putting up with the system became more and more stressful, her condition worsened I called the family for the final day in time to be there. I wasn’t up to thinking about the Continental General (LTC) Ins nor their failure to pay the expense with the 4700.00 yearly fee paid out for seven years.

    Her memory is shared by friends and family who never underestimated meeting the quality of life she brought to the projects in her field of study and, just as profoundly, her energy in local politics, and a winning personality to those who were privileged know her.

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