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Central United Health Insurance Company

Dino Christoforakis
Dino Christoforakis

Editor in Chief & Licensed Insurance Agent.

A review of Central United Health Insurance Company finds Central United Life Insurance Company, a member of the Manhattan Insurance Group. Central United Life Insurance has been offering life, health, and accident insurance for more than 20 years.

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In addition to Central United Life Insurance Company, the Manhattan Insurance Group (MIG) is comprised of The Manhattan Life Insurance Company, Family Life Insurance Company, and Investors Consolidated Insurance Company. Together, these companies are licensed in all 50 states, and sell products in 32. Because it isn’t always possible to distinguish which one of these four companies administers which policy, this review will be on the Manhattan Insurance Group as a whole.

Manhattan Insurance Group Contact Information

The Manhattan Insurance Group is headquartered, not in New York City as its name would imply, but in Texas. The company is located at:

2727 Allen Parkway
Suite 500
Houston, TX 77019

Mail should be sent to specific P.O. Boxes (with corresponding zip code extensions) for the following type of inquiry or information:

Claims Processing: P.O. Box 925309, Houston, Texas 77292-5309
Health and Life Admin: P.O. Box 925068, Houston, Texas 77292-5068
Premium Processing: P.O. Box 925688, Houston, Texas 77292-5688
General Correspondence: P.O. Box 925989, Houston, Texas 77292-5989

Marketing, Contract & Licensing, or Supplies
P.O. Box 924408
Houston, Texas 77292-4408

New Business:
Attn: New Business
10700 Northwest Freeway
Houston, Texas 77092

Medicare Supplement:
Family Life Insurance Company, Medicare Supplement Division
10700 Northwest Freeway
Houston, Texas 77092

Phone numbers for different departments are:

Health Customer Service 1-800-669-9030
Life Customer Service 1-888-222-0843
Medicare Supplement 1-800-877-7703

Manhattan Insurance Group Policies

Manhattan Insurance Group sells accident, dental and vision, cancer care plus, disability, essential benefits, critical protection and recovery, and life insurance policies.

Accident insurance includes benefits for a variety of injuries and situations, including: burns, fractures, dislocation, tendon and ligament injuries, stitches and staples, eye injury surgery, physical therapy, emergency room or doctors office visits, ambulance, blood and plasma, hospital confinement, intensive care, and accidental death or dismemberment.

MIG’s dental and vision plan offers a large network of national providers, and the freedom of choice to select which provider you’d like to see. Additionally, the insurance company offers group dental and vision plans, as well as voluntary and non-voluntary plans.

Central United Life Insurance administers the Manhattan Insurance Group’s cancer care plus program, which provides the benefits for cancer treatment and extra expenses. Cancer care plus covers costs associated with: cancer’s first occurrence; hospital confinement; radiation and chemotherapy; surgery, whether in the hospital or elsewhere; bone marrow transplants; and cancer screening tests. Because the insurance company realizes that it’s often the expense of cancer that overwhelms people, the cancer care plus coverage also pays cash benefits to be used however it is needed.

Manhattan Insurance Group sells both individual and group disability insurance. Individual disability is available to cover accident only, or accident and sickness. It offers a benefit period of one to two years and coverage up to $2,000 a month. The group disability plan has a partial disability feature, multiple benefit periods, and up to $6,000 a month coverage.

MIG’s essential benefits plan is a medical indemnity plan. This means that, as a plan subscriber, you would receive a specific cash amount back for a specific medical service, regardless of what you were charged by the medical provider. The essential benefits plan allows you to receive outpatient and in-patient care; surgery; hospital admission; ambulance coverage; allergy shots; immunizations; and a prescription drug benefit of $2 million over your lifetime. The plan pays the cash directly to the insured, as reimbursement for the medical bills.

As far as life insurance policies, Manhattan Insurance Group offers term, whole, and universal. Its critical protection and recovery coverage helps provide a policyholder with the cash needed to overcome a critical health event, such as a stroke or heart attack. The company also offers 24-hour accident insurance, which covers you in the case of an accident at any time, and anywhere in the world.

Manhattan Insurance Group Quotes

Manhattan Insurance Group has one website, Manhattan Life Direct, dedicated to offering quotes on each of their insurance products. You can view their products, get a quote, and apply online. There is a pull-down menu for each state with coverage, and then a click-through to show which products are offered in that particular state. Existing policyholders can also manage their accounts from the website.

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