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Avalon Health Insurance Company

The Avalon Health Insurance Company is a relatively new health insurance provider that shows a lot of promise for affordability, customer service, and choice. Read this Avalon Health Insurance Company Review, check out the Avalon reviews from Avalon policyholders at the bottom of this page, and then be sure and leave a rating and review of Avalon Health yourself if you have had any experience with them.

When considering purchasing a health insurance policy doing some digging into the potential insurer’s history, their scope, and their vision can give you a feel for the way they approach their business and their customers. Of course, you will want to know what products and plans Avalon Health Insurance Company carries but you may be interested in finding out about their financial stability, how well they are rated, and what kind of customer service they offer as well.

Lastly, cost is always an important issue. You will want to compare the price of a health insurance policy from Avalon Health Insurance Company with that of comparable policies from other companies. You can do this very easily by using our free health insurance quote finder at the top right of this page or on our home page. Simply enter your zip code in once and then start comparing health insurance rates from competing insurance providers.

History of Avalon Health Insurance Company

Avalon Health Insurance Company was founded in 2006. This Florida based company was the brain child of Chuck O’Neil and Drew Cassidy. Their vision was to have the company focus on providing affordable health care coverage to small and medium sized businesses (although there are also Avalon individual health insurance plans offered as well). In 2007, Avalon Health Insurance Company merged with Bay Care Health Center which has nine facilities in Tampa, Florida.

Avalon Health Insurance Plans Review

Avalon’s products feature preferred provider organization health plans that are coupled with health reimbursement and health savings accounts. The company has plans designed for groups or individuals. The two Avalon dental plans available are called MCNA Dental Plan 1 and MCNA Dental Plan 2 as well. Their plans do not cover cosmetic surgery, and coverage for mental health treatment is limited.

Avalon has three health care plans designed for individuals. These are called IFocus Co-Pay Plan, IFocus High Deductible Plan and the IFocus Health Savings Account Plan. The IFocus High Deductible Plans have deductibles that begin at $1000. Participants can add dental, mental health and substance abuse coverage to this plan. Those enrolled in IFocus High Deductible Plans also have a choice of pharmacy plan.

The IFocus Co-Pay Plan has the same minimum deductible as the IFocus High Deductible Health Plan but also allows for co-pays at doctors visits and for prescriptions. As with the IFocus High Deductible Plan, dental, mental health and substance abuse coverage can be added.

The IFocus Health Savings Account Plan is an option that allows participants to set aside tax favored funds to be used toward medical expenses. The funds can be used to pay the annual deductible or towards medical care that is not covered by the high deductible health plan. Health savings accounts differ from re-imbursement type accounts in that the health savings accounts are portable. This means that you can take your account with you if you change jobs.

Avalon Group Health Plans

Avalon Health Insurance Company has two plans available for groups, the Avalon Focus High Deductible Plan and the Avalon Focus Health Savings Plan. The Avalon Focus High Deductible Plan offer deductibles of between $1,000 and $5,000. This product includes a pharmacy co-pay plan that can be used with or without a deductible. The plan has several co-insurance options. It also has options for deductibles and co-insurance with regard to urgent care, hospitals, and doctors visits.

The Avalon Focus Health Savings Plans have deductibles that range from $1,250-$5,000 and offer choices in terms of co-insurance and out-of-pocket costs. A prescription plan is included and becomes effective once the deductible is met. This plan is only offered to participants in a high deductible health plan. It can not be used in conjunction with another first dollar health care plan. It can not be used by those on Medicare or someone who is claimed as a dependant on someone else’s tax return. Make sure that you have the financial ability to cover the higher deductible before committing to this type of plan.

Avalon Dental Insurance

Avalon offers two dental plan options. Option 1 is the more affordable of the two plans. It covers one cleaning per year, offers discounts for fillings and large discounts on all other dental procedures. Option 2 costs more but covers two cleanings per year, fillings are fully covered and discounts are given for other dental care. One time enrollment fees are charged for both dental plans. The sign up fee is $35 for individuals and $50 for groups of less than ten. Ask your dentist what a cleaning or filling costs without insurance. Most people find that having dental insurance is a good deal.

Avalon Life Insurance

Many voluntary options are also offered. Although you may be looking for health insurance, having multiple policies with the same company will often result in a discount. One voluntary option is life insurance. Universal, whole life and group term life insurance is available in $10,000 increments. Whole life insurance is a type of life insurance where the insured pays a set premium per year throughout their life and then will receive the benefit payment upon their death. A universal life insurance policy differs in that part of the premium goes toward the death benefit and the other part is invested in an interest bearing account. Term life insurance provides a death benefit if the insured dies within the specified period of time given in the policy. If you elect a life insurance option, it is portable.

Avalon Disability and Long Term Care Insurance

Two other voluntary options are disability and long term care. Short term or long term disability provides income if you are incapacitated due to injury or illness. Long term care can be elected to cover care in nursing home and assisted living facilities; home and community based care needs or integrated to cover care in either type of living circumstance. Neither is typically covered in your basic insurance plan, so you will need to purchase this type of coverage separately. Short and long term disability plans are portable.

Avalon Accident Plans

Accident plans are also available from Avalon Health. They can cover either on the job or off the job injuries that prevent a participant from working. Both on the job and on the job accident plans are portable.

The final two voluntary options offered are cancer care and dreaded disease coverage and critical care coverage. If elected, these plans would provide a lump sum after the diagnosis of the specified illness. These benefits are paid on top of any benefits provided by other plans. These plans are also portable.

Avalon Health Customer Service

Avalon Health Insurance Company has a Comprehensive Customer Service line that will allow you to reach a knowledgeable representative during business hours. Participants can speak to a nurse twenty four hours a day every day of the week through their Optum Connect 24 service.

Avalon Health Insurance Financial Strength

The financial stability of insurers has become important in recent years as the economic downturn has taken a toll and threatened the viability of some companies. You can check the financial stability of a potential insurer to see how well rated the company is via Standard and Poor’s or A.M. Best.

Comparing Avalon Health Insurance Quotes Online

With the ever rising cost of health care, the price of your health insurance policy is going to be a factor in determining whether you decide to purchase your coverage from Avalon Health Insurance Company or another provider. Obtaining rate quotes from several different companies for comparable policies will help you be sure you get the lowest possible premiums.

You can get free rate quotes by entering your zip code above. You can also get answers for any questions you may have by talking to a local Avalon health insurance agent or broker. Why not start by the getting the quotes you need now?

Simply enter your zip code into the free tool at the top right of this page and you can get started comparing price quotes from top health insurance providers like Avalon and many others today!

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  1. Michael says:

    I have an individual plan. I just tried calling them to change my credit card info for my monthly billing. After being on hold for 1.5 hours listening to loud, distorted on-hold music and being told every 10 seconds how valuable I was I finally just gave up. Lousy customer service.


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