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Atlantis Health Insurance Company

Dino Christoforakis
Dino Christoforakis

Editor in Chief & Licensed Insurance Agent.

Atlantis Health Insurance Company (Atlanta Health Systems, Inc.) was founded in 1995 by actual physicians who practiced in New York who wanted to ensure that their patients, and other people like them, could find affordable health insurance for themselves and their family members.

The goal of the company was, and is, to provide their clients with quality health care plans with the kind of coverage that health care professionals really understand that their clients need. The most important part of the Atlantis Health Insurance Company’s service is that they provide quality health care coverage at an affordable rate and offer a close relationship between physician and patient since it is physicians that own and run the company.

After you read this Atlantis Health Insurance Company review (be sure to also read the Atlantis Health reviews left by Atlantis policyholders at the bottom of the page as well) then be sure to compare Atlantis health insurance quotes with quotes from other top health insurance providers by using our free health insurance quote finder on the side of this page. Simply enter your zip code in to start comparing quotes from many different health insurance companies.

Atlantis Group Health Insurance Plans

Atlantis is one of the lowest cost options for group insurance as well. Atlantis Health Systems has made it possible for many small businesses to provide insurance to their employees because of their affordable rates and high quality prescription and drug benefits. In many cases, Atlantis has saved companies as much as 30% off of other traditional group plans. They are also able to offer these savings without increasing the deductibles a family has to pay when they receive services. This benefits both the employer and their employees, allowing people who may not be able to afford other health plans to have the coverage that they need.

Atlantis PPO vs. HMO Health Insurance

Something that you should know about this company is that they only offer two different kinds of health care plans; HMO’s and PPO’s. There are no indemnity plans available. However, this is one of the reasons that the rates at Atlantis are so affordable. In addition, there are many different levels of HMO and PPO coverage available that provide different benefits based on cost. Speaking with an Atlantis health insurance agent will help you discover what the different levels of plans have to offer and what kind of coverage you can expect from that plan.

Just like any other health insurance company, if you choose an HMO or a PPO plan from Atlantis Health Insurance Company, then you will have to use the network that is provided in the Atlantis plans. An HMO will be very restrictive about your doctor’s visits and you will not be able to visit a doctor outside of your plan unless there is an emergency and you are unable to seek help within your plan. There will be a minimum amount of time available to you to inform your HMO of services received outside of the plan in order to receive any coverage. Each plan will provide you with the details of the time frame and what constitutes an emergency.

A PPO with Atlantis offers you some flexibility in regards to the doctor that you can see. However, you will pay more out of pocket expenses if you choose to see a doctor out of network. Your PPO has a pre-determined amount of money that they are willing to pay for specific services. If you receive services outside of your network, you will pay the difference in cost of what is allowed by your insurance company and what your doctor charges. You will also be subject to a deductible if you choose to use doctors outside of your network. Keep in mind, however, that these costs are much less than what it costs to pay for all of your services out of pocket.

You can only purchase Atlantis health insurance if you reside in or have a business in New York State. This is mainly because the company was started by New York physicians that wanted to keep the insurance company manageable from a personal relationship point of view. It is the goal of Atlantis to provide extraordinary care to their clients and create the same kind of relationship between physician and patient that once existed in the days before modern medicine.

While Atlantis offers PPO and HMO plans, they do not stop there for their clients. They also offer riders to their insurance plans that help to cover the cost of care for vision services, mental health services, skilled nursing facilities, and alcoholic and drug abuse programs. These riders offer affordable options for those individuals who have concern for these health areas. What’s more, Atlantis offers many levels of optional care plans so that you can find an affordable option for you and your family.

Comparing Atlantis Health Insurance Quotes

Choosing the right health insurance company is an important step for you and your family. You want to ensure that you find the most affordable coverage that you can while still receiving quality coverage.

Compare Atlantis Health Insurance Company with other insurers by using our free quote tool found at the top of the page. You will be able to see instantly how Atlantis compares with other insurance companies in your area. You can discuss the results with an agent and receive answers to your questions about your health insurance options.

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