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Are there any affordable health insurance providers?

any affordable health insurance providersFinding affordable health insurance doesn’t have to be an impossible feat. It’s important to know what you want out of your health insurance policy and how much you’re willing to pay for it. For those who are budget conscious, finding the right health insurance could prove tricky. You can save money with a thorough health insurance comparison.

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According to an article which appeared in USAToday, the average price for a health policy insurance for an individual in 2009 was $4,824 and for families it was $13,375. That is why getting group health insurance through your employer is always a good option.

I Lost My Job

According to an article by CNN there are several outlets to use when trying to find health insurance after you’ve lost your job. A great way to receive help and information is through the Patient Advocate Foundation. They can provide you with both information and financial assistance.

People who have lost their jobs can find other options for health insurance or get help with their current premium payments.

Another great resource for health insurance after job loss is COBRA. COBRA offers you short term health insurance if you have lost your job, are between jobs, or are transitioning to another job where the health insurance won’t kick in until after the paperwork has been processed or the probationary period is over.

Insurance For My Family

Finding the best health insurance for your family can take some time. It’s important to search out all your options before purchasing just one policy. If you are offered health group insurance through your place of employment then you’re lucky.

Employer based health insurance is much more affordable than private health insurance. This is because the employer helps with the premium payments and they get discounted rates because they are purchasing group health insurance where the risk is spread out over the total number of employees on the plan.

If you don’t get employer based health insurance you might have to get a little creative with your search. If you are a member of an organization it’s important to check to see if they offer group health insurance. For those who aren’t part of an organization it might be a good idea to join one where the membership is inexpensive and the group health insurance is reasonable.

There are other options to help you save money on health insurance. For families that need coverage for more than one person you can look into having different plans for different family members.

Children and teenagers less than 19 years of age can seek out health insurance through state-run CHIP programs. These plans offer affordable children’s health insurance at discounted rates. How much you pay for premiums depends on the total yearly income of the parents.

Other Considerations

affordable health insurance providersIf you’re one of those people who have either lost their job or have decided to be self employed, it’s always a good idea to see if you can be added to your spouse’s group health insurance. Many times insurance companies will allow you to be added during certain times of the year or after a big life change.

If you’re simply buying health insurance for yourself you can afford to shop around for the best rates. For healthy and young individuals it may be wise to seek out a policy that offers a lower health insurance premium in exchange for a higher deductible and copayments. Finding a lower premium can save you money, especially if you only plan on using your health insurance sparingly.

Shopping online is another great resource for saving money. Many times you can find great rates online instead of using a health insurance broker or agent. Shopping online also enables you to research different policies and their rates at the same time.

When shopping online it’s important to be cautious of any potential health insurance scams. Genuine health insurance providers will always promote their good ratings and seals of approval. Look for those on the company websites and also look for information on customer service contact information in case you have any questions.

It’s always a good idea to check with your state’s department of insurance. Many times they’ll provide information on health insurance companies in your state and also warn consumers about fraudulent insurance companies.

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