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American Farmers & Ranchers Health Insurance Company

American Farmers & Ranchers got their start in 1919 as the Oklahoma Farmers Union Mutual Fire and Lightning Insurance Company; and, as you may have guessed, this was and is not a health insurance company. The company became chartered in 1922.

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American Farmers & Ranchers started out as a company that not only wrote their own policies, but they acted as their own insurance adjustors and made the repairs on homes, farms, and equipment when a claim was made as well. As they grew, however, this practice became impossible to maintain, but by then the company had the money to pay for adjustors and repairs.

Currently, American Farmers & Ranchers sells insurance throughout Oklahoma. In 2005, the company acquired Twin Falls Mutual, an insurance company in Idaho that allows them to sell products in Idaho as well. These are the only two states that this company is licensed to sell products in.

American Farmers & Ranchers does not have an AM Best presence, nor do they have any financial or credit ratings with any of the other ranking authorities.

American Farmers & Ranchers Agents

American Farmers utilizes both independent agents and in-house agents. Some of the agents that work directly for the company are the great-great-grandchildren of the original agents for the company. The reason that they also utilize independent agents is because the company only has a single office in Oklahoma and they know many customers like dealing with their agent face-to-face.

To find an independent agent, you simply visit the find an agent link on the American Farmers website. At this point, you will be provided with a list of counties to from which to choose. If your county is not listed, then there are no agents in that county.

Once you select your county, you will then be provided with a list of agents that serve that county. There are no features to allow you to limit your search to a specific zip code or city.

American Farmers & Ranchers Location

American Farmers & Ranchers is located in Oklahoma at:

800 N. Harvey
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 73102

Their mailing address is:

P.O. Box 24000
Oklahoma City, OK 73124

Their Idaho office is located at:

1008 Burley Ave
Buhl, ID 83316

American Farmers & Ranchers Claims

While you cannot file claims online, American Farmers & Ranchers does provide their consumers with a 24-hour claims reporting line for their use. What they do not make clear, however, is whether or not you will be able to speak with someone in the wee hours of the morning or whether you will have to leave a message.

When you file a claim, you will need to provide the following information:

  • When the accident occurred
  • Where the accident occurred
  • Then name of the involved drivers
  • The name of the car owner if different from driver
  • Witness to the accident
  • Police report or name of police officer if they were called
  • Photo from the scene, if at all possible

American Farmers & Ranchers does not say how long a typical claims process might take.

American Farmers & Ranchers Careers

At this time, American Farmers & Ranchers are not hiring for their companies. If, however, you are considering becoming an independent agent, you can visit their website and select the Agent Access link for more information on how to join the company.

American Farmers does not share what the benefits are for working with the company.

One of the problems that you might face is that the company does not have great financial standing. AM Best, last year, ranked them so low that the company requested to be dropped from their ranking system. They have since been ranked by Demotech, Inc. with an A stability rating.

Demotech, Inc. is currently not considered an authority in insurance company ranking.

Employees who do work for the company claim that it is an excellent place to work, but that sometimes they feel like outsiders because there are so many long-term employees with the company that don’t welcome new blood.

American Farmers & Ranchers Quotes

American Farmers & Ranchers does not have a quote tool option for their insurance despite the fact that they do offer auto insurance products. Regardless, many of their products would not be able to be assessed with a quote tool.

However, if you are looking for health insurance, we can help you find the lowest prices quickly and easily.

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