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Allied Health Insurance Company

The Allied insurance company is a subsidiary of Nationwide Insurance. Read this Allied Health Insurance Company review to see if they may be a good choice for your insurance needs.

The Allied Health Insurance Company offers several insurance products for consumers although technically the health and accident medical insurance plans are offered only through their parent company Nationwide Insurance. When you are looking for health insurance, you will want to compare rates from Allied and several companies before making a choice.

Be sure to read the Allied Insurance Company customer reviews at the bottom of this page and make sure to leave a review of Allied yourself if you have ever been a customer of theirs. Once you have finished reading this article and reading the reviews then be sure and compare quotes from many different health insurance providers by using our free quote comparison finder.

Allied Insurance Company Ratings

Allied is currently rated A+ by A.M Best Company and it’s parent company Nationwide Insurance is one of the largest insurance companies in the United States. Nationwide is a member of the Fortune 500. Allied can be found in 33 states as Allied has a partnership with 4,000 insurance agencies across many different communites and states.

Allied Health Insurance Plans Provided by Nationwide

Allied’s parent company Nationwide Insurance offers a number of different health insurance options including:

  • Supplemental Health Insurance
  • Accident Insurance
  • Travel Insurance
  • Medicare Plans
  • HIPAA Health Insurance Plans

Nationwide Insurance Provider Networks

Health policyholders have different network options depending upon the type of health insurance plan they have and the area of the country that they live in. Typically the First Health Provider Network (formerly called CCN) is used as the primary network for Doctor’s, Hospitals, and Clinics. Prescriptions and all other pharmacy benefits are provided by Medco.

The “On Your Side” Promise

Allied’s main marketing slogan (courtesy of it’s parent company Nationwide) is the “On Your Side” promise. Some of the ways that Allied and the Allied Community has put this promise into action include:

  • Supporting United Way
  • Building Homes with Habitat for Humanity
  • Participating in Blood Drives
  • Collecting Donations for Food Banks
  • Organizing the “On Your Side” Volunteer Network and “walkNationwide”

Comparing Allied Health Insurance Quotes Online

Whether you think that Allied or Nationwide or any other company is the best choice for your insurance needs it is important to shop around and compare options. Use our free quote finder to compare health insurance quotes from many different health insurance providers and then choose the provider that is best for you and your family. Get started today!

Free Health Insurance Comparison

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3 reviews

  • Keli Dersch-Baldonado /
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    Allied National Insurance of the worst Insurance Companies I have dealt with. Be aware that they Pre-Approve and Authorize almost all medical appointments and procedures. Then a year later they deny all your claims and you are stuck with the bills. Apparently, they have a lot of fine print and choose to deny, even during emergency situations.

    I tried contacting the company during an emergency situation to make sure the hospital we were going to was in network. Not a 24-hour call service was available so we went to the nearest hospital and guess what? It was out of network and I got the $4000.00 bill. They tried to then put the blame on the hospital that their bill to me was inflated.

    Just a terrible company and very little access to any customer service agents. I have probably spent hours upon hours a day waiting and placed on hold and every time I got an agent, I had to start all over with my concerns. I do not recommend this Insurance.

    • 11111
    • 11111
    • 11111
    • 11111

    The absolute worst scam I have ever experienced. This company took money each month out of my credit card to pay for my monthly payments but refused to pay a single claim. I received a letter from Allied claiming that I told my doctor I was anxious during an appointment and therefore I am void of all benefits. Yes, you read that right. I am currently awaiting a court date that I filed against this company. They refused to pay thousands in claims because I said I was anxious.

    They also refused to pay any claims my first week of being covered. They said that it is their policy to not pay any claims for at least 7 days into your paid monthly plan. I paid for a month of coverage and they are telling me that they won’t cover anything the first week.

    Then Allied did not send me any decisions regarding my 29 claims that I had using their coverage. They wait over 8 full months to even send me a letter stating that they would be denying my claims. In the meantime, every doctor had sent these bills into collections while I waited endlessly for them to pay the bills or send me something in the mail. The doctor’s offices said that Allied would not return any of their faxes or calls.

    My credit is now blemished because of this horrid company. They cheated, lied and stole from me. I am currently awaiting my day in court against these crooks. If anyone has information on lawsuits against Allied or would like to begin a class action lawsuit, please email at [email protected]

  • Mary Maupai /
    • 11111
    • 11111
    • 11111
    • 11111

    I only highlighted one star because there are no negative stars. Allied is the worst, most unprofessional, shady company I have ever dealt with. I have an official complaint pending with the State Department of Labor.

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