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AIG Health Insurance Company

Shopping for AIG health insurance can be a bit overwhelming. Knowing a little bit about the company from whom you may purchase a health insurance policy can make your choice somewhat easier. Some of the information you could find helpful when considering purchasing a policy from AIG is the health insurance company’s history, its scope, and what benefits they offer.

You may want to look at what you can expect in terms of customer service. Finally, in the backdrop of turbulent economic times, finding out about the financial stability of AIG health insurance and whether or not the company is favorably rated could prove helpful.

Once you have finished reading this AIG health insurance review then be sure and leave your own AIG review at the bottom of the page (don’t forget to read other AIG customer’s reviews and see if they have any AIG complaints) and then shop for health insurance quotes online from top health insurance providers competing to give you the best rate. Enter your zip code in to the box on this page to get started comparing quotes!

History of AIG Health Insurance

AIG got its beginning with insurance interests of CV Starr of Shanghai and then later developed into property and casualty insurance here in the United States and abroad. Today, AIG is a multinational and publicly traded insurance group. Its parent company is American Insurance Company and has AIG Direct, 21 Century Insurance and AIG American General as its subsidiaries. AIG has a holding company structure and is currently headquartered in New York City.

AIG has four main business streams. These include general insurance, life insurance, retirement services, financial services and asset management. The list of services they provide through these areas are quite diverse and include but are not limited to fixed and variable annuities, consumer finance, and mortgage guarantees. AIG also provides property casualty and life coverage for commercial interests, individuals and groups.

Types of AIG Traditional Health Insurance Policies

AIG offers both Essential Health Insurance and Supplemental Health Insurance. Essential Health Insurance covers costs typically covered by traditional health insurance policies. Supplemental Health Insurance is designed to cover costs incurred from long term and critical illnesses that are not covered by standard health plans.

Essential Health Insurance covers hospital stays, emergency room visits and doctor appointments. The plan will cover $300 per day and up to $9000 per month for hospital stays that are the result of covered accidents. It will also pay a participant $5000 for 30 consecutive days of hospital confinement, $10,000 for 60 consecutive days and $25,000 for 90 consecutive days. Six emergency room visits are covered per year at a rate of $200 per accident. Doctor’s office visits are covered for two visits per year at $50 each.

Another benefit of Essential Health Insurance is that participants can save 60% on prescriptions, doctor’s visits, and eye care. These discounts are given by a number of health professionals who have contracted with AIG to provide their services to policy holders at the reduced rate.

AIG Essential Health Insurance will increase benefits for policy holders every three months for three years with out increasing premiums. Policy holders are allowed to choose their own doctors and hospitals. Participants can spend any cash benefits as needed. AIG guarantees acceptance for applicants who are between 18 and 65 years of age.

AIG Supplemental Health Insurance Policies

AIG Health Insurance also carries supplemental health insurance policies. Critical Illness Insurance is designed to cover expensive treatments and lost income due to time away from work incurred as the result of life threatening illnesses like cancer, strokes or heart attacks. Secure Income Plus will help to cover loss of income and health related costs due to disability. Cancer Care Insurance helps to pay costs associated with cancer care and recovery. These costs can include ambulance trips, surgeries, time spent in ICU, radiation, chemotherapy, disability and in some cases death benefits. Accident Expense Plus covers the cost of emergency room visits, physical therapy, diagnostic exams and surgery on for accident related injuries.

AIG Company Service and Stability

In terms of customer service, AIG Health Insurance has representatives available to answer questions about its company or products 24 hours a day every day. They also have a call center located in Houston that is staffed by bi-lingual operators so that they can better service Spanish speaking policy holders.

Stability is a concern for both companies and consumers these days and definitely something to consider when contemplating the purchase of a health insurance policy. In 2006, AIG posted revenues of over 14 billion dollars. At that time, the company also received an A++ rating from A.M. Best. More recently, the company has gone through a serious financial crisis that caused them to request federal funds to prevent potential collapse. AIG may still be on shaky financial ground since they reported a net loss of 4 billion dollars in May of 2009.

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Cost is always a factor when purchasing health insurance. The cost of your policy will depend on a variety of factors. These include where you live, your age, your health, and the type of coverage you choose.

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