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Advantage Health Insurance

If you are looking online for information on an advantage health insurance review, chances are you are inquiring about the Medicare advantage program, or a specific private insurance program like Blue Cross Blue Shield’s Blue Advantage Health plan (click here for the full Blue Cross Blue Shield Review). This review will update you on changes to the Medicare program that will take effect in 2010, as well as detail some specifics of private insurance plans with the advantage label. Finally, this health insurance review will give you some practical hints on how to get a true advantage no matter what plan or policy you select. Enter your zip above to start comparing health insurance options now!

Changes To Medicare Advantage Coverage

In 2010 the Medicare Advantage health insurance program will be eliminated. Wellcare and Coventry, the two companies that ran the program are both going out of business. That means that anyone currently using these programs will need to find an alternative. Also, there are changes to the Medicare supplement A-G programs. The old ones are being phased out and newer ones will replace them. You’ll want to be aware of how these specific changes affect your needs and payments.

One item all insured persons should pay attention to are any changes in premiums. It’s possible that, as you become part of a closed risk pool, your premiums will start out being a bit lower. However, they may rise as more members are accepted and there is less competition. Experts recommend that you review any and all health care programs you are enrolled in, and compare them you other options. This is a prime money saving strategy. Getting quotes from numerous companies is a great way to make sure you are getting affordable rates for the coverage you need.

Blue Cross Blue Shield Advantage Blue

One popular component of the Blue Cross Blue Shield network of coverage is the Advantage Blue program. You will want to check for the specifics in your state as they can vary. Some of the components offered are three separate plans to select from that offer co-pays for doctor’s visits, emergency room services and prescription coverage. The co-pays for doctor’s visits usually start as low as $15 and the co-pay for prescription drugs starts at $10.

Paying attention to the amount you pay for a co-pay can impact your monthly premium and your deductible. To define these terms:

Co-pay – This is an amount, usually a set percentage of the service fee, which you pay upon each visit or use of service. Co-pays typically range anywhere from $10-40 with those for specialists or out of network visits within PPOs (preferred provider organizations) being higher.

Premium – Each month you are required to pay a set amount to keep your insurance policy active.

Deductible – This is the amount you must pay each year before your insurer will pay anything. Deductibles can vary greatly with a range from $500 to $2500 per year being fairly normal.

When you are in the process of getting quotes from different companies, you want to pay close attention to each of the items listed above. If one plan has a premium that is much lower than the other, it may be due to a significantly higher co-pay or deductible. This is neither a good thing nor a bad thing in itself. You need to consider how often you visit a doctor, have prescriptions filled and your ability to pay out of pocket at any given time. All these factors will help you to select a plan that truly meets your needs.

When you are reviewing your current plan, anticipating changes to your Medicare or private insurance coverage, or looking at managing the cost and rates associated with your policy there are a few things you can do. One is to contact your current provider and review the coverage. Ask these questions:

  • Does the plan still meet might needs?
  • Are there any current or upcoming changes that will impact my costs or coverage?
  • Can I lower my costs in any way?

Another wise move is to get quotes from other insurers to make sure that the coverage you have and the rates you are paying are still competitive. Doing this before you talk to your current insurer will help you to bargain better rates. Free quote tools like the one provided here allow you to compare offers from a number of qualified companies in your state. They also enable you to give them the same data one time and compare the results.

Finally, you can speak to an independent agent who does not work for a single insurer. The agents at the number listed above can provide you with unbiased information and answers to your questions. They can also help you to make sense of the information provided in the quotes you receive.

Compare Advantage Health Insurance Quotes Online

In the United States, health insurance is getting a lot of attention for good reason. Being aware of any changes to your plan and reviewing your policy each year is a smart way to manage this investment of your health and finances. After reading this advantage health insurance review, you are in a great position to make an informed decision on the steps you need to take. Why not take the first step now by going to the quote tool above and comparing your options?

2 Comments to “Advantage Health Insurance”

  1. paul clark says:

    “On two occasions advantage health care has denied me in buying eye drops for my wife on her medicare policy. I searched their formulary drug list for something similar that could be used.

    Guess what they have the same thing that my vet prescribes for my dog so are we getting animal meds when we have to use their formulary drugs. Found this on more than the eye drops so I think so!!!!

    Advantage Healthcare is a rip-off. Do not buy their insurance you will be cheated. I have learned my lesson and will not renew with them next year.”

  2. Cheated disabled customer says:

    “I have had to file 3 complaints with Medicare.

    1)prior authorizations

    2)certain services outsourced to Midwest and they have additional guidelines, exceptions, requirements, which are not disclosed by Advantage.

    3)unable to file appeals because they must be accompanied by the “”explanation of benefits”” and any correspondence containing decisions they make. They do NOT mail ANY correspondence to you so you are unable to file appeals with them.”


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