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Ace Health Insurance Company

This is a health insurance company review of the Ace Group. It was founded in 1985 and has a presence throughout the world. They have locations in 53 countries and their clientele span more than 170 countries. The Ace Group is associated with Ace Limited.

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The Ace Group has received a financial strength rating of AA- from Standard and Poor’s. They also received an A+ rating from the A. M. Best Company which is one of the best ratings provider for the insurance industry in the United States.

Ace Group Locations

The Ace Group has locations in Africa, the Middle East, the Asia Pacific region, Europe, Latin America, and North America. Their offices in Africa and the Middle East are in South Africa, Bahrain, Egypt, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, and the United Arab Emirates.

The Asia Pacific region are Australia, Indonesia, Malaysia, Taiwan, China, Japan, New Zealand, Thailand, Hong Kong, Korea, Philippines, Vietnam, India, Macao, and Singapore.

Europe’s offices are in Austria, Finland, Hungary, Norway, Spain, the United Kingdom, Belgium, France, Ireland, Poland, Sweden, the Czech Republic, Germany, Italy, Portugal, Switzerland, Denmark, Gibraltar, the Netherlands, Russia, and Turkey.

The locations in Latin America are Argentina, Ecuador, Brazil, Mexico, Chile, Panama, Colombia, and Peru. In North America, the Ace Group has locations in Bermuda, Canada, Puerto Rico, and the United States.

Ace Group Commercial Products

The Ace Group offers many types of commercial and business insurance coverage options. These options include property and casualty insurance, accidental insurance, health insurance, life insurance, and reinsurance.

The business property and casualty insurance provide a wide range of coverage options. They include coverage for agriculture, boiler and machinery, crime, aviation, contract liability, environmental risks, errors and omissions, directors and officers, foreign casualty, events liability, general liability, global property, inland marine, kidnap and ransom, ocean marine, manufacturing risks, mergers and acquisitions, medical risk, product liability, political risk, property catastrophe, recreational marine, surety, risk management, umbrella, workers compensation, and excess casualty.

The business lines of accident and health insurance that the Ace Group offer contain multiple product options. Some of these product options include personal accident coverage, accidental death and disability coverage, supplemental health insurance, personal and business travel insurance, student accident insurance, study abroad insurance, international travel insurance, disaster recovery plan, creditor insurance, global medical insurance, and employee benefits plans.

Ace Group Personal Products

The Ace Group also offers a variety of personal insurance products. These choices include life insurance, health insurance, and personal property insurance.

They also provide personal property insurance for cars, homes, boats, and private aviation craft. Their homeowners insurance protects a homeowner from fire damage, theft, water damage, personal accident, debris removal, storm damage, and even living expenses if your home becomes uninhabitable. The Ace Group car insurance plan provides coverage for vandalism, theft, trip interruption, medical expenses, liability, towing expenses, and third party property damage.

Ace Group life insurance policy is available for those living in Latin America, the Middle East, and Asia. It offers traditional life insurance as well as savings and investment products for individuals and families. The options include individual term life insurance, whole life insurance, credit life insurance, sickness insurance, and personal accident insurance.

When it comes to health insurance, the Ace Group offers personal accident insurance coverage as well as supplemental health insurance for families and individuals. Some of the main health insurance options offered include travel insurance, personal accident coverage, supplemental hospital income insurance, supplemental critical illness insurance, supplemental cancer insurance, supplemental disability insurance, accidental death and disability insurance, study abroad insurance, international travel insurance, student accident insurance, disaster recovery plan, and global medical insurance.

The Ace Group also has a subsidiary named Combined Insurance that offers multiple types of personal sickness and accident insurance to those living in Europe, Latin America, North America, and the Asia Pacific region.

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