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Medical Insurance for Type 1 Diabetics

[su_box title=”To sum it up…” style=”default”] Under the Affordable Care Act regulations, insurance companies cannot refuse to provide you with coverage or charge you more for coverage because you have a pre-existing condition, including type 1 diabetes Care for chronic conditions, such as type 1 diabetes, is considered one of the ten essential health benefits […]

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Will my health insurance cover a tummy tuck?

[su_box title=”To sum it up…” style=”default”] A tummy tuck is called an abdominoplasty A traditional tummy tuck is almost never covered by health insurance A tummy tuck thins and strengthens the abdominal wall Only a physician can determine whether a tummy tuck is appropriate An abdominoplasty can cost anywhere from $4,000 to $15,000 in the […]

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Why is Obamacare increasing insurance premiums?

[su_box title=”To sum it up…” style=”default”] insurance premiums represent the costs of a health insurance contract The contract then requires consumers to pay a minimum before getting insurance benefits The Insurance plans add cost sharing and copays to consumer expenses in addition to premiums Premiums represent the starting point for insurance costs [/su_box] Obamacare does […]

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Medical Insurance for Australian Visitors

[su_box title=”To sum it up…” style=”default”] Visitor insurance provides medical coverage for Australian travelers to the United States Eligibility rules will vary for each insurance carrier for visitor insurance You want to purchase your visitor insurance policy prior to travel to the United States [/su_box] There are many Australians that, every single year, travel all […]

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What does “policyholder” mean for health insurance?

[su_box title=”To sum it up…” style=”default”] Policyholder is the legal word that points to the owner of a health insurance policy Policyholder is the person that can name beneficiaries and coverage of a spouse, significant other, or other legal dependents Policyholder describes the owner of insurance policies whether sponsored by employers, purchased for families, or […]

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