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Medical Insurance for Australian Visitors

“To sum it up…”

  • Visitor insurance provides medical coverage for Australian travelers to the United States
  • Eligibility rules will vary for each insurance carrier for visitor insurance
  • You want to purchase your visitor insurance policy prior to travel to the United States

There are many Australians that, every single year, travel all around the globe. They visit countries from Italy to India, all the way over to the United States. When visiting the United States, and any other country for that matter, you always want to think about how to protect yourself adequately.

Say you are in the United States and you suddenly get injured, sick, and require extensive medical attention. What type of coverage do you have without actually buying any insurance? The answer is extremely minimal, and to service that needs, insurance carriers have developed visitor insurance.

The United States visitor insurance is all about allowing visitors from outside countries to purchase health insurance policies for the length of time that they are here. They are short-term, only going to last for just how long that you need it, within the country, and then it will expire.

The medical coverage needs that you have are going to include comprehensive coverages so that, no matter what happens, you will be covered.

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Visitor Insurance Considerations


Insurance carriers all across the globe are going to be able to offer you what is known as the United States visitor insurance. The niche market, the void, has been more than filled to the point where there are plenty of options out there, considerations that you should make. American health care is different than visitor insurance, so understand your options.

The availability of visitor insurance, for example, may depend on whether or not you have a pre-existing condition, what your age is. Some insurance carriers are going to have a risk appetite that could preclude you from being able to get insurance should you suffer from a chronic illness, for example.

Eligibility factors also exist in that you may not be able to buy a visitor insurance policy after you have arrived in the United States.

Many insurance carriers require you to purchase the policy before your entry into the country so that if a loss occurs, it is known that it happened after the policy was in effect, rather than prior.

How does health insurance work in America? Click here to read about being a policyholder.

Rider Options


You may have unique needs that have to be addressed as part of your visitor insurance policy as well, and insurers will be able to fill those voids. You may be coming from Australia to the United States to participate in a sporting event, for example.

A hazardous sports cover rider may be added to the visitor insurance policy so that you are protected.

The rider options are relatively endless, and it is often best to just have a discussion with the insurance carrier about your needs. The more that you talk to them, the more accurate that they are going to be able to get with the coverages required based on your unique risks presented.

Prices and Coverages Vary Widely

Premium rates and coverages are going to vary widely based on the insurance carrier that you reach out to. Every insurance carrier is going to have different rates in place that they are going to have to help price policies.

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To get a quote for a visitor insurance policy, the best place to start is right here on the internet. Sites like ours let you compare health insurance quotes from multiple companies with just some basic information.

This is great because you will easily be able to pull down all sorts of different coverage options, see how the premiums will fluctuate, and make an appropriate decision.

Using the Policy


To take advantage of a visitor insurance coverage, to file a claim, you are going to have to focus on the policy and the contact information on there. Usually there is a toll-free number to call, but many carriers have also started to release smartphone apps.

Once you start to file the claim, you will go through all of the required documentation. You are likely going to have to pay your deductible, and after that, for a covered loss, coverage will apply up to the limit that you have on the policy.

Learn about how to file a health insurance claim here.

Coverage limits may vary based on the type of damage that you suffer, so be aware of the details of your policy when you make the call to begin the claim filing process.

American Health Insurance for Australian Travelers


Australians visit the United States in vast numbers annually, and it is important that they have the needed medical coverage. You just never know when an unfortunate loss can occur and when you are outside of your home country, being able to get the medical care required is pivotal, as is being protected from a financial standpoint.

Visitor insurance fills that gap for millions each year. Click here and compare policy types, prices and coverage limits with FREE quotes!

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