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Where can I get an online health insurance plan?

There are hundreds of websites that offer free health insurance quotes online. Some of them serve as comparison sites that will give you access to several different companies. Most major health insurance offer online services that including purchasing a policy. Type your ZIP code into the FREE search tool for access to health insurance rates […]

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When would I need a short term health insurance plan?

Short term medical health insurance can be a great benefit if you find yourself temporarily uninsured. This includes people who have been laid off, early retirement, graduating from college, and people who are on strike. These policies are generally cheaper than individual private policies. Health insurance quotes that fit your needs can be easily found […]

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Where can I find a good small group health insurance plan?

Group insurance policies are generally offered through your employer. Employees are given a few policy options from the insurance company chosen. Group policies are popular because the risk is spread over all of the members allowing companies to offer lower premiums. If you want cheap small business health insurance to offer your employees, shop around […]

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Is a children’s health insurance plan necessary for my kids?

If your child is not covered by your health insurance policy or you do not have insurance, you may want to invest in a policy. Children who are not covered by health insurance are less likely to receive regular check-ups and immunizations, and proper medical care for illnesses or injuries. Health insurance for children is […]

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