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Where can I get an online health insurance plan?

can i get an online health insurance planThere are hundreds of websites that offer free health insurance quotes online. Some of them serve as comparison sites that will give you access to several different companies. Most major health insurance offer online services that including purchasing a policy.

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Shopping for health insurance online can be a great way to compare and find the lowest rates for the coverage you need. Before you start make a list of things a plan must include and an idea of how much you can reasonably afford to spend. This will make comparing and narrowing policies down easier.

Should I use a comparison website?

Comparison websites that allow you to save money with health insurance quotes from multiple companies have grown rapidly in popularity over the years. These resources allow people to research insurance plans without paying for a broker or leaving their home.

These websites give you instant quotes and you only have to input your information once. Most do not require sensitive information either. If you choose a policy you will be forwarded to a secure area of the website or the actual health insurance company’s website. Many of them also have comparison features allowing you to pick a few plans and look at side by side comparisons of their features and prices.

Comparison websites generally do not use high pressure sales tactics because they do not represent the companies on their page.

Health insurance companies may choose if they want their quotes to be displayed on a health insurance comparison website and pay the site a commission when a consumer purchases a plan through the intermediary site.

The comparison website is not usually trying to sell you a specific product or company.

Another benefit of comparison websites is online support. Many websites offer online chat or toll free support. They have representatives available to assist you on navigating their website and understanding what policies are available. They also have terminology guides for common insurance terms.

Should I buy health insurance directly?

Major health insurance companies have websites that allow you to access their plans and receive quotes. Many people might think only looking at one company at a time is going to be a disadvantage but that is not necessarily true.

Insurance companies generally have more products than are shown on comparison sites.

You can look at multiple types of policies or specific types like supplemental health insurance companies more quickly. They also have a support team that can answer specific questions about their policies. They are not trying to advise you on many different companies.

Going directly to an insurance company’s website may provide you more piece of mind. Researching an individual company is much easier than researching a website. This means you can know if a company is legitimate before you provide them with confidential information. You can also verify the company is licensed to sell insurance in your state.

Some great resources for researching an insurance company are:

Many people have used an insurance company previously, either for private or group insurance, which they really liked. You can save time weeding through hundreds of quotes if you only want to look at one company.

When should I use an insurance agent or broker?

get an online health insurance planShopping for health insurance online is a great tool but it may not be for everyone. Health insurance plans can be very confusing and choosing the wrong policy can be a costly mistake. If you are unsure what type of coverage you need a broker or agent may be a better option. They can sit down with you and analyze your needs.

The internet can also be filled with contradicting information. This can be very frustrating for many people. Agents and brokers are both trained not only in what policies are available but state regulations regarding health insurance. They will be able to tell you what a policy must have and what they do not have to provide.

When choosing a broker or agent it is important you know the difference. Health insurance agents work directly for a company and are employed to sell that company’s policies. They can help you find the product that best suits your needs based on what is offered from the health insurance company they work with and you do not have to pay for their services.

An insurance broker is licensed by the state and can sell any company’s policies. They are ethically bond to serve your best interest and not upsell for profit. They will research multiple companies and find the plan for you. You may have to pay a broker or they may work off commission.

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